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I chose surgery after having been diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism. I had three types of scans pre-surgery - none detected any of the 4 parathyroid glands.

3 of the parathyroid glands were in their proper place. The 4th one was more complicated for the surgeon to find.

It was a 3 hour surgery and my vocal cords - although not severed, were "disrupted". I am 3 months post-op. My voice is definitely better than it was 6 weeks post op. However, it is still raspy, hoarse and sounds strained. I am a teacher so am use my voice often. Sometimes students couldn't understand me, and my doctor said the worse thing to do is raise my voice. (which I can't do anyway). I now use a microphone in the classroom which has helped. Still, using my voice is a challenge.

To complicate matters, I was diagnosed with mild asthma last month. (My pcp was trying to determine whether I had asthma or Vocal Cord Dysfunction. I was diagnosed with VCD and mild asthma. (never had either either prior to surgery).

My surgeon, who is excellent and I trust, checked my vocal cords 1 month and again 3 months post-op. After 3 months the surgeon said there wasn't a change in my vocal is functioning fine, the other isn't triggering. The reason my voice is better, he said, is because the strong vocal cord is compensating to some degree for the weak one.

He advises me to wait another 3 months to see if my weak vocal cord normalizes.

Has anyone had this sort of experience? (I think my vocal cord problem is similar to those people describe after thyroid surgery). If so, I would appreciate hearing about your experience, and suggestions!


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