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Hi all,
I had some regular bloodwork done recently and it came back with what is apparently a VERY high TSH lever of 70.2. They redid the test two weeks later and it now came back with TSH of 95.57, T4 total of 2.8, T3 uptake of 26%, and a T4, free, calculated, of .7. Thing is, I feel totally fine. I'm someone known to be always healthy - immune system of steel type of thing - when my co-workers all drop of whatever flu or stomach bug the kids are passing around I don't get sick. I have no symptoms, unless you count one watery eye which is what brought me to the doc in the first place, and she declared to be allergies (and put me on eyedrops that haven't helped). Any suggestions? I feel ridiculous going on a hormone that I'm supposed to be on for the rest of my life when I feel just fine. Anyone with experience with this? I'm seeing an endochronologist later in the week, and a naturopath next week. I simply don't take meds. And I'm vegan, so the natural thyroid meds aren't an option for me. I'm really frustrated.

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