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Well, that's the problem. There isn't much "official" information about what thyroid patients really need in studies and print. Few researchers study the treatment of hypothyroidism anymore, because they believe it was figured out 60 years ago and nothing more needs to be discovered. And even if there was a ton of information, board rules would prohibit posting most links to it.

What I've told you is my personal experience and that of thousands of thyroid patients posting in thyroid forums across the web. Fortunately for us, there are many wiser and more compassionate MDs around the world than the kind you have and that I've met in my own thyroid journey. With enough persistence and a measure of good luck, they can be found.

Ever since Synthroid issued propaganda in the 1950s to capture the thyroid med market from Armour, it's been downhill since. Medical schools make it a practice to accept funding from Synthroid's manufacturer, and so they have changed the curriculum to reflect the misinformation it disseminates.
The development of the TSH test caused the death of optimal hypothyroidism treatment. This single, extremely flawed test has been acclaimed as the "Gold Standard" of thyroid status. "Textbook doctors" - the kind who never question and never bother to learn anything new about medicine once they're awarded their diplomas, will never be convinced that they're wrong.

If you must go on a doctor search, avoid endocrinologists. They most often are "textbook" doctors, have the most closed minds on the subject of thyroid, and who specialize more often in diabetes and metabolism than in hypothyroidism. GPs, internists, naturopaths, and osteopaths more often will be open to customized treatments.

When I needed to change doctors two years ago, I deliberately sought out an older, male internist. I felt such an MD would have seen more cases of "outside-the-box" hypothyroidism and would allow me to remain on the desiccated thyroid med I need. It turned out the one I found exclusively prescribed that kind of thyroid med in his early years of practice. As time went on, his patients requested to be switched to synthetic levothyroxine, and he eventually stopped prescribing Armour altogether. He was surprised when I came in and asked for it. He readily agreed that I shouldn't switch. Best of all, he knows how to prescribe it... Something an MD unfamiliar with it would do all wrong.

Before that, my doctor was a homeopathic MD. There aren't many licensed medical doctors who practice with a naturopathic philosophy, but he was perfect for me. He also exclusively prescribes Armour for hypothyroid patients.

Finally, I'll say this even though it reflects my own personal opinion that I'm sure not all would agree with ... I avoid female MDs. The ones I've been acquainted with over the years and the ones I see described in forums like this have been ardent "textbook" doctors who never bend from their agenda in any situation. They rely solely on lab results which they inaccurately interpret for diagnosis and treatment. They can fool you by being extremely sympathetic to symptom complaints; but instead of adjusting doses of Synthroid or switching the patient to natural med, they prescribe anti-depressants that cover up symptoms instead of the hormones that will actually eliminate the symptoms and restore health.

Some good reading materials are ~ [i]Thyroid for Dummies[/i]; [i]Living Well With Hypothyroidism[/i]; [i]Solved: The Riddle of Illness[/i] ~ among others that may be listed in the sticky thread I mentioned before.

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