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Back in 2014 I had some issues that were sudden with my thyroid. I would feel it throbbing and feeling like television fuzz in there ( please tell me you can understand that LOL). I went to my doc ( we lived in WNY at this time) and he sent me for a u/s of my thyroid and neck. My left side lobe was much larger than my right and had a solid tiny 2mm nodule. All my labs were perfect so he started me on low dose synthroid 75mg. I've been on that dose since.
Later that year I felt like my lymph nodes in my neck were swelling. I was sent to hema/onco and they did a ton of blood work and everything came back labs are always pristine. The oncologist said my lymph nodes were fine and sent me on my way.
I felt like crap, tired, headaches, neck pain, shortness of breath ( I was also prescribed an inhaler at this point), hoarse voice, face flushing, dry coarse hair, lizard skin, sometimes difficulty swallowing, dizziness, the worst memory ever in the world, joint pains, and no energy.

In 2016 my PCP sent me to an Endo and he did blood work and told me that my pituitary gland wasn't working. He repeated the tests and said the same and then sent me a letter in the mail saying he was closing his office. I should mention that he also had a u/s ordered and my lobes came back fine, no left side swelling, but my solid nodule was 3mm.

Summer of 2016 we moved from WNY to Az and I established a PCP who I brought my records to and by this time, September, I'm having flushed face daily and this chronic low grade fever. He treats me for a UTI I don't have and tells me not to worry about my nodes, my thyroid, and my low grade fever is common so stop checking it and just forget about it. Yeah.

I got really sick day after Christmas and went to him and said that I was worse. He said I "Looked" fine and to come back in two weeks.
Tired of him blowing me off I found an ENT here and made an appointment with him. In the mean time waiting for that appointment, my new PCP office calls and his front desk girl says he closed his doors and if I wanted my records to come pick them up...sense a theme here? LOL
I pick them up and my last 3 visits he doesn't even mention my complaints.

SO I see the ENT and he happens to have a GP Resident with him and she feels my one swollen lymph node and he doesn't. I explain what's been going on and by now I've had this dry cough since right after Christmas ( I also saw a ID doc right before seeing this ENT on my own) and they order blood work and another u/s of my thyroid and lymph nodes.
She also took my hand and promised me we would figure this out, and she took me on as a new patient.
So my u/s came back with 8 swollen lymph nodes in both sides of my
neck ...

Left side:
1 (1.1 x 0.5 x 0.7cm)
2 ( 1. x 0.4 x 0.6 cm )
3. (0.5 x 0.4 x 0.5 cm )
4. ( 1.4 x 0.5 x 1.0 cm )
5. (0.7 x 0.6 x 0.7 cm)
6 (2.6 x 5.6 x 1.8 cm and has an abnormal cortex )

Right side:
1 ( 1.3 x 0.4 x 1 cm)
2 ( 1.4 x 0.6 x 1.4 cm)

Left side nodule in the midpole measured at 4 x 2.9 x4.5 mm and is now complex.

I have an appointment with a surgeon next week to discuss options. I'm a little uneasy as I don't have an established Endo here and it won't be until August that I can get in ( Never ever move to Yuma Az LOL).

I don't know if they should take all the nodes and my left lobe, or just the nodes, or what. The ENT suggested just doing a core needle biopsy on one node...yeah, that'll tell them what's going on with that one nodule but not the other 7. I know the nodule is small but it has been changing even being on Synthroid. I'm just looking for any "suggestions", I know I probably can't seen medical advice here, but being in the dark and my surgery consult next week worries me.

Also, I've read about do they do that for the lymph nodes?

My doc has discussed thyroid cancer with me and lymphoma so I'm aware of possibilities. I worked in a lab for years so I get some stuff but def not all.

Any thoughts would be appreciated

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