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The "normal" range is definitely not normal for everyone. From experience, when my TSH was over 2.5 I was nearly in a coma, my skin was white, I had no energy, could not member names of things or safely drive any longer than 15 minutes, then had to nap in the car a little while before driving back home. Your body might need your T3 to level to be closer to the high end of the scale. According to your test result your TPO Antibodies are very high, indicating Hashimoto's indicating you are low thyroid. So thyroid levels should be treated by giving thyroid med until the symptoms clear up

Free T4 has to be converted into T3 before the body can use it and if you don't have enough T3 (the usable part of thyroid hormone), you can have a nicely low TSH and still feel sluggish and crappy. ​Great endos know that test results do not prove whether one has enough thyroid hormone.

I read that more than 90% of body T4 is bound and not usable. So appearing to have high T4 in a test means nothing. And, some foods and substances bind thyroid hormones from being usable, such as foods that contain iron. Because of this there is a whole list of foods that need to never be eaten near when we take supplemental thyroid.

Thyroid knowledgeable doctors know that the Free T3 test result never should be dismissed. Unfortunately many endocrinologists do not know this fact. Dementia is a symptom of thyroid deficiency. Doesn't mean all dementia is thyroid related, but it should be tried, IMO.

Test results read by thyroid ignorant doctors is why so many people are suffering all sorts of low thyroid symptoms. In the 'old days' it was common knowledge that certain symptoms were likely from low thyroid, and so doses of thyroid gland were given until the low thyroid symptoms were resolved. People were not terrified of thyroid, and knew when to back off from taking it. There is no reason not to give trial doses to see if thyroid hormone is needed.

Ok, nuff said.

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