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I was hoping that someone had some answers for me. I went for a routine check-up a few months ago. My TSH came back as .02. I was sent to an endo who ran test for T3, FT4 and TSH.
My T3: 132 (60-181)
FT4: .79 (.71-1.85)
TSH: .03

I also had a RAI uptake and scan. The results were 30% uptake, which fell in the normal range. A cold nodule was revealed on my isthmus.
My symptoms are hypothyroid symptoms: low body temp, fatigue, headaches, irritability, cold feet, occasional hives, leg hair absence (what does that mean?), slight weight gain (even though I have increased exercise and decreased my food intake) & acne.
I had a ultrasound which showed multinodules.

My endo prescribled Tapazole to bring up my TSH, even though my thyroid hormones are low or normal. I'm worried that this will throw me out of whack.

I can't seem to find any info on why my TSH would be low and my thyroid hormones normal. Could cold nodules do this?

Thank you. Any help would be appreciated.

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