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Armour is a hypothyroid med. There are no known side effects of Armour. Armour contains T3, T4, as well as T1 and T2. I just switched from Synthroid to Armour. Since switching I have stopped losing as much hair as I did on Synthroid. I am even back to losing weight. Doctors prescribe Synthroid and other T-4 drugs for 2 reasons. 1.) Drug companies very persuavely visit doctors to influence them, they offer incentives such as paid trips to great locals for continuing ed classes and various other perks. Much of the info many med docs have on T4 drugs is from what the pharmacy salepeople tell them. Students in med school are not taught very much on the thyroid so they rely on the drug companies to fill them in many of the times.
2) The second reason is that drug companies tell doctors lies about Armours effectiveness to discourage them from prescribing it. They say that there are potency problems, which in fact may have been true years ago, but not now. You will see recalls on the T4 drugs fairly often. On this site I have heard that a doctor actually refers to it as vodoo. That to me is very sad and ignorant.

As you will see there are many people here on Armour who praise it, I am one of them. There is a big difference in how I feel with Armour. Thank God for this site so I could learn about Armour.

I also want to point out that everyone has different needs, so just because something works for one person it doesn't mean it will work great for another. You need to look at your symptoms, if you have total relief then stick with what works. Do not settle.

Good Luck!

Please pardon any typo...obviously it is because I'm hypo!
you could be tipping over into hypo ... about a month ago now, my endo prescribed 125mcg synthroid (at my request) because i didn't feel that the 112mcg dose was doing it (it wasn't) ... a week ago i began to get all these weird symptoms, including nausea, heat intolerance, lightheadedness ...

i skipped my synthroid thursday nite, had little or no nausea friday, took the 112 on friday nite and saturday, and have just taken my sunday dose ... the heat intolerance and lightheadedness are much improved too ...

i know some doctors are jerks, but i really wish we weren't so ready to knock the entire medical community ... advances in medecine are being made at an accelerating pace, enough to make your head spin, and that's a GOOD thing, but please give doctors a chance to catch up ... add to that the boomers, the oldest of whom are beginning to acquire some serious medical attention, are demanding medical help, and you have a recipe for disaster ...

i also wish we (society) weren't so paranoid and willing to think the worst of doctors who prescribe, for example, only synthroid/cytomel ... there's a theory that viruses might be passed in dessicated pig (remember mad cow? [or mad pig, i guess] :D THIS IS AN APPARENTLY FAILED ATTEMPT AT HUMOUR :D ) ... it could happen both here and in the US as long as we continue to feed protein to animals that are supposed to graze, and god-knows-what to pigs, and that's not counting the hormones that are given to ALL animals ...

i've never taken "thyroid", as armour is called here, not for any of the above reasons, but i want to try get settled on a synthroid/cytomel regime, and if that doesn't work, i'll try armour ... but there might be moral reasons why some doctors won't try you on armour -- why don't you ask?

as many of you know who read this board, i've had my own horrendous experience w/doctors, but there are many good ones, in fact i'd venture to say that there are more good than even mediocre .. please -- try to give them a break, and the benefit of the doubt ...

:D :D jb :D :D

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I am new to this board, but not new to boards, and certainly not new to Hypo. I am hypo for 15 years and I have been through hell and backwith many different doctors. I don't think that they are "bad" doctors, I think that they are ignorant and misinformed. The endocrine system is the most complicated in the body. GP's just don't have the expertise that they need to treat our problems. The Endocrinologists are expert at Diabetes(sp?). The problem with us is that we don't die from our desease, or at least not usually. GirlyGirly is right! Our doctors are being educated by sales reps. I don't know about the rest of you, but I went for five years undiagnosed. By the time they put me on Synthroid, it was a God send. Synthroid, compared to nothing, was wonderful. The problem is I didn't know that it could be any better. Our doctors are judging our outcome by tests. If the medication brings the right results on the tests then it is good. That is all they know to do. There are no side effects to Armour. This is the thing that blew me away. The way I approached the Armour issue was to try to research why I shouldn't take Armour. To this day I have found nothing. And considering that Armour was the only treatment for the first half of the 20th century, there should be plenty of documentation about the down side or the problems. Well, there isn't. The only resonable caution that I have found is a heart condition. The t3 is so efficiently and quickly absorbed in the gut that it does cause spike and if you have a heart condition there could be consequences. We need all of the thyroid hormones, not just t4. T4 will get the resluts that they want on tests, but it doesn't do what your natural heathly thryroid would do. Armour does. We can't trust our doctors, but not because they are bad, because they just don't know. Every doctor that I have been too, will not accept my overwieght is due to my endrocrine problem. I was flat out told that my Thyroid was under control and that I don't have that as an excuse. Well, so far on Armour, not on a correct dose, I have lost 15 lbs. What I eat for the first time in 15 years makes a difference. My doctor is still working with a tsh high of 5.5. If she gets me below that then she stops. She won't consider that 4,3, 2, might be a better place for my tsh. A friend of my who doesnot have a thyroid problem was just checked. Her tsh is 1.81. Now that is a normal tsh! In a week or two I will be doing battle with my doctor again, about where my tsh should be. My previous battles where about Armour. She has never had a patient on Armour and knows nothing about it. My last tsh was 9.33 and she wanted to increase my dose to 100mgs from 90mgs. She didn't know that it doesn't come that way. She called 9.33 a little high. I have been taking 135mgs and feel really good. My hair, my nails, my brain fog, my general sense of well being improve every day, not to mention the wieght loss. And joint aches!!!! They just went away! I suspect that my tsh is probably around 5. I will fight this battle with my doctor and I will try a lower tsh one way or another. I don't want to have to change doctors, but I will if I have to. I have had so many doctors over the years that my expectation is that if I do change I will just be doing battle with someone else. But, it is all the same battle. I had a tsh of 28 and felt better than I had in years. I believe that people who try Armour and have a "bad" experience, are experiencing the transition. All of the synthetics are poorly absorbed in the gut and take a long time to convert and be used. So, when you change to Armour you are almost double dosing for a few weeks. The synthetics are still in your system, the Armour is used quickly. If you stay with it for a least 3 weeks, you will get through the adjustment period and really be able to see the difference. I think we need t4, t3, t2 and t1. If my body produced it to begin with, I will assume I need it. Don't for get that we live in a capitalistic structure. Money comes first! Synthroid was developed and the whole medical community was re-educated by a sales strategy. If you want to prove this to yourself. Ask your doctors why they don't prescribe Armour. You will get: not recommended by the FDA and it is an antiquated medication . Things that make no medical sense what so ever. I read in a medical paper that : Only people who have taken Armour for a long time and are doing well should take Armour. That is the most riduculous statement that I have ever heard. How did they start taking it and be on it for a long time, if they didn't start taking it in the first place???? It scares me that this can happen in our medical community. If it can happen with Armour and Synthroid it can happen with other things. Money and medicine just are not good bedfellows.

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