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Hypo for 15 years. Started Armour about 7 months ago. I will never go back to the synthetic crap!! I am still not on the proper dose. I had to fight my doctor for it in the first place and now I am having to fight for her to get my TSH to the optimum for me. But I am on my way to it. For me, the difference was within hours of taking it. However, I would like to say something about the conversion from the synthetics to Armour. The synthetics have a long half-life. So, if you took Synthroid yesterday and start Armour today, you have both in your system. My experience was about 10 days to 2 weeks. You are acutally overdosed for a few weeks. Doctors don't seem to tell people this. I think it is best to start with a low dose and increase until you are on the correct dose. You could experience hyper symptoms in those first few weeks and have a serious drop when the Synthroid is actually out of you system. I think one of the real problems is that our doctors don't prescribe Armour and really don't know much about it. At least that is my problem with my doctor. I also believe that the people who have a bad experience with Armour are actually experiencing what I am describing here. If they would just stay with it, they would see the great difference it makes. I love me Armour Too!!!

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