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Hope you had a nice holiday!! My nodule is 1cm. I am going in for another ultrasound in January. Don't expect your nodules to have shrunk by much as of yet as it can take years if it ever does shrink. If you tested neg for the antibodies then chances are you don't have have hashis' But there is 5% who test neg that do have it!! :confused:

How are you feeling on the synthroid other than being tired? I had major hair loss with that drug and it didn't seem to be helping me much. You should find Dr. Lowe and read his thoughts on low doses of synthroid it may help you to explain why you feel the way you do on synthroid. It really opened up my eyes. :eek:

I made sure to answer you on the holidays because I have posted questions without much of a response and it upset me to think that no one cared enough to try to help me and I didn't want that to happen to you. This thyroid thing is scarey enough you don't need people ignoring your desperate pleas for answers. When you get a response from someone who can help it is most comforting. :angel: It's a hard thing to explain to others(friends and families) and because it is a chronic condition many people just don't seem to understand...... and they probably would get bored with the details!! :yawn:

Let me know how everything turns out. Happy New Year!!!

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