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[color=blue][font=garamond][size=3]Just for reference, the symptoms of hypothyroidism:

[b]Symptoms [/b]
Symptoms of hypothyroidism usually develop slowly over months or years. Symptoms and signs may include:

[indent]Coarse and thinning hair. [/indent][indent]Dry skin. [/indent][indent]Brittle nails. [/indent][indent]A yellowish tint to the skin.[/indent]
[indent]Slow body movements. [/indent][indent]Cold skin. [/indent]
[indent]Inability to tolerate cold. [/indent][indent]Feeling tired, sluggish, or weak. [/indent][indent]Memory problems, depression, or difficulty concentrating. [/indent][indent]Constipation. [/indent][indent]Heavy or irregular menstrual periods that may last longer than 5 to 7 days.[/indent]

Other, less common symptoms may include:

[indent]An enlarged thyroid gland (goiter). [/indent]
[indent]Modest weight gain, often 10 lb(4.5 kg) or less.[/indent]
[indent]Swelling of the arms, hands, legs, and feet, and facial puffiness, particularly around the eyes. [/indent]
[indent]Hoarseness. [/indent]
[indent]Muscle aches and cramps. [/indent]

The symptoms of MS:

Symptoms may come and go or become more or less severe from day to day or, rarely, from hour to hour. Symptoms may become more severe with increased (or, less commonly, decreased) body temperature or after a viral infection. [b]Symptoms of MS, such as spasticity tremors, pain, and difficulty thinking clearly, are similar to those of many other conditions and do not necessarily mean you have MS.[/b]

[b]Early symptoms[/b]
The most common early symptoms of MS include:

[indent]Muscle or motor symptoms, such as weakness, leg dragging, stiffness, a tendency to drop things, a feeling of heaviness, clumsiness, or a lack of coordination (ataxia). [/indent]
[indent]Visual symptoms, such as blurred, foggy, or hazy vision, eyeball pain (especially with movement), blindness, or double vision. Optic neuritis—a sudden loss of vision and eye pain—is a fairly common first symptom, occurring in up to 23% of those who develop MS.[/indent]
[indent]Sensory symptoms, such as tingling, a pins-and-needles sensation, numbness, a bandlike tightness around the trunk or legs, or electrical sensations moving down the back and legs. [/indent]
[indent]Balance symptoms, such as lightheadedness or dizziness, and a spinning feeling (vertigo). [/indent]
[indent]Bladder symptoms, such as an inability to hold urine (urinary incontinence) or to completely empty the bladder, or a loss of bladder sensation—an inability to sense that the bladder becoming full until there is a sudden, urgent need to urinate. [/indent]

[b]Advanced Symptoms[/b]
As MS progresses, symptoms may become more severe and may include:

[indent]Increased muscle problems, such as weakness, leg dragging, clumsiness, or lack of coordination. [/indent]
[indent]Stiff, mechanical movements (spasticity) or uncontrollable shaking (tremor), which may make walking difficult. A wheelchair may be needed some or all of the time.[/indent]
[indent]Pain and other sensory symptoms. [/indent]
[indent]Incontinence or, less often, an inability to urinate (urinary retention). [/indent]
[indent]Constipation and other bowel disorders. [/indent]
[indent]Male erectile dysfunction (impotence) and female sexual dysfunction. [/indent]
[indent]Cognitive and emotional problems, which are common in people who have had MS for some time. [/indent]
[indent]Cognitive problems, such as memory loss, difficulty concentrating, reduced attention span, or difficulty finding the correct words. [/indent]
[indent]Emotional symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, and anger. A rare symptom is excessive cheerfulness that seems inappropriate.[/indent]
Source: [b]WebMD[/b]

Honestly, going by those symptoms, I would almost say that's ME. But I don't think I have MS. And I don't see how a competent clinician could make such a mistake. I realize there's no definitive test for MS, and that it's diagnosed with an RO (rule-out) mentality, but WOW. Good luck with this.[/color][/font][/size]

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