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Yes, I can relate. Before I was diagnosed, I went to my doctor because my thoughts were just swimming around in my head loose and disorganized. It was difficult just to remember how to take a shower or program the microwave... That's how bad it was. I asked for thyroid testing, and he refused. After a long series of events and a trial of Synthroid, I found a doctor last October who began effective treatment with Armour. Now my head has cleared, and I feel I'm on my way to physical health as well.

I began at 30 mgs. and now take 90. Synthroid absolutely does not work for everyone, no matter what the manufacturer and most doctors say. There are valid reasons why it doesn't, which have been supported by scientific studies. I won't go so far as to say that Armour will work for you, but it does work better for the majority.

The Armour website contains a list of doctors who prescribe the product. You could start there to find one in your vicinity. If there isn't one close to you on the list, do what I mentioned before. Call every doctor's office until you get the right answers to your thyroid questions.
Do you live in an area with access to many doctors?

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