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Well, I know I'm going to get pounced on for my answer, but here goes: I haven't had my T3 & T4 levels checked, I ordered the Cytomel from an online pharmacy in Mexico. I know, I know, but here is my story: I have had symptoms of low thyroid since I was a child, almost 40 years. They tested me and told me I was normal. Finally one doctor put me on a low dose of Synthroid but it made me sick, with bad headaches, and he offered no alternative, so I just took nothing. A year ago I went to the doctor again and she tested my TSH levels and said they were normal. Not one doctor in all these years, including endocrinologists, did more tests, even though I have so many symptoms - low temperature, gain weight ridiculously easily, hair loss, depression, etc. So finally I did some research on the internet and found out about Wilsons syndrome. It all made sense. But doctors in my area who prescribe Armour wanted $300-450 for a consult, and about $150 for blood tests. I can't afford it. So I ordered Armour from Mexico, and started with 15 mg (mcg?), felt really good, but when I took more, I started getting the symptoms described on the Wilson's website - dizziness, light headedness, flushed face. So I figured that meant I wasn't converting T4 into T3, and I ordered Cytomel. I started taking about 5 mcg twice a day and felt good at first, but when I increased it to twice that amount I got headaches, my heart started beating too fast. So I went back down to 5 mcg twice a day, and that is better, but I still feel really tired, my mind is *****, and I'm having allergies, like hay fever. Maybe I'm allergic to it, and since Cytomel is synthetic that doesn't surprise me, since I don't do well on almost any synthetic drug. So next I want to try the natural thyronine, but I can't find that without a prescription, so I have to find a doctor. Has anyone tried this? It's compounded by a pharmacy, and is bio- identical to the natural T3. Thanks for your help.

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