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Re: So disappointed
Jun 30, 2004
Such fun, isn't it. I didn't have a clue on what was going wrong with me the past few years - thought it was just all the changes - remarriage, new baby, move and such. Heck, who wouldn't be overwhelmed. Tried anitdepressants and while I was happier, I gained 30 pounds!
Oh and then you gotta love it when they say 'Well, you are getting older you know, things change'. Sigh................
While refilling my Cytomel - which is the totally wrong drug, I asked about doctors that prescribe Armour in our area. From what I read, that might be a good one for me. She gave me a name of one closer than the one that gave me Cytomel - "Because I said I was tired" (now my T3 is off the charts high and she won't run Free T3). So, if my GP doesn't run the tests I want based on the 2 sets of labs I have in my hot little hand Friday, I'll try that one.

I do like the suggestions of calling and talking to the doctors offices first. Why shouldn't we go thru a screening process. My theory now is that I think I have a good idea of what is wrong - have educated myself about it to a degree (still learning), so until that avenue has been totally exhausted to MY satisfaction, I'm not going to listen to someone tell me what is wrong with me. :nono:

So, you hang in there - it is exhausting. Heck we all just want to feel better and have to argue with the professionals about what may make that happen.

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