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Before you do that, talk to your pharmacist and see if he can give you the names of doctors locally who prescribe Armour. Seems like DOs are more likely than MDs to prescribe it. I found a terrific DO GP who prefers Armour to anything else, this after a lousy internist and an equally bad Endo.
[QUOTE=Redford Phyl]Before you do that, talk to your pharmacist and see if he can give you the names of doctors locally who prescribe Armour.[/QUOTE] Wow, what fantastic advice! Thank you for sharing, Redford Phyl! I live in Canada and it's really hard to find a doctor who will prescribe the natural stuff.

[QUOTE]if someone could interpret them I'd be grateful.
The free T4 was 1.6 and TSH 0.24.[/QUOTE]We need the normal lab range for the FT4. Typically, the upper end is about 1.8, but each lab varies; and what matters is where your result lies within the range.

It would also have been extremely useful to have had FT3 run as well. If FT3 is too low or too high, you still could have symptoms even if FT4 is perfect.
TSH doesn't matter at all once you've begun treatment. Some experts have found some people cannot have their symptoms resolved until their TSH is completely suppressed.

It will be quite difficult to find an endo who'll prescribe Armour. Most have been educated in the school of Synthroid and won't even consider Armour. An osteopathic doctor is much more likely to prescribe it and to dose according to the free Ts and symptoms.
Wishing you luck...

Edited to add, because my worry for you is still nagging me.... I again urge you not to attempt self-treatment until you gain more knowledge about what you're doing. You seem to know just enough to get you into deep trouble. The thing is, I'm explaining basic information to you that you didn't know before you made the decision to DYI... I [B]know[/B] this stuff but still wouldn't do it for myself, because I'll never know enough of all there is to know.
Most of the most knowledgeable members here, some of whom actually have educated their doctors about what their needs are, still use the guidance of those MDs. They work together as partners in health. True, those kinds of docs are rare as pearls, but they're out there. Just gotta look hard to find one.

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