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Re: Free Thyroxin
Apr 16, 2005
Oh my... Yes, that FT4 - the same as 'free thyroxine' - is very low. And carpal and ulnar tunnel problems are a common, classic hypo symptom.
Flareups are common, since a struggling thyroid gland can put out hormones in spurts and trickles... and many women claim that they struggle worse during their periods or just before. Yes, yes, yes.... It's all true.
I can't believe either that you were allowed to have so many miscarriages without someone picking this problem up. One maybe... or two... but did you say you've had five? My god, that's unconscienable!

HypoT does not cause weight gain for everyone afflicted. I did not gain; instead, I found it impossible to lose. Some actually lose weight, because appetite can be diminished.
In general, not everyone will get every symptom, but most people will have them by the dozen(s).

I don't think endos typically test all the hormones, including cortisol... not unless they suspect problems with them.
The endo you will see sounds like a good fit for you in that she deals with thyroid's role in pregnancy, and that she practices according to the AACE guidelines.
Please keep in touch as you sort through all this. You'll be in my thoughts.

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