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I just had a TT 2 weeks ago and my left lobe was totally wrapped around my vocal chord. Now prior to surgery my voice was so hoarse I could hardly talk on some days but right after surgery it was gone. I had no ill effects in that way, but what I have is when I talk or chew it will swell and becomes pretty painful. The surgeon said it is totally normal for it to "react" to being so handled for up to a year. I have had dramatic improvment this last week, but still, if I talk on the phone, I can feel it start to swell after about 10 minutes, it is so bothersome.

Can I ask you this..............are you still having trouble with eating solids? Here I am over 2 weeks post-op and I am still eating mostly pudding because chewing and swallowing solids causes the chord to swell as well.

From what I was told by my surgeon, with the severity of entanglement I am very lucky to have any use of it, sounds like you are in the same situation.

Did anyone have any idea how big yours was prior to surgery?

Best wishes,

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