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Re: Advice re tsh
Sep 20, 2005
[QUOTE=heath1]Hi there. Just a quick question. Ive been on 100mcg thyroxine for the last 6 months following rai. My levels have been stable for the last 4 months. My last lot of bloods were:
August - T4 - 17(9-22)
T3 - 1.6(1-2.9)
TSH - 0.17(0.4-5)

September - T4 - 20
T3 - 1.7
TSH - 0.06

My tsh has been around .17 for the past 4 months. Im a bit concerned with my tsh being quite a bit lower this time, and T4 a bit higher, although within normal. My dr has taken my blood again today, and will see what that brings. He said hes reluctant to lower my dose as my T4 is good. I wouldnt have a problem with this, but I do still have some symptoms that Im now wondering is due to me being on too much thyroxine for me( I recently posted about this). Some symptoms are hyper like, flushes, palpitations, panic, but my weight has stayed the same and I lost weight when i was first diagnosed with it. My heart rate is usually fairly slow too, so Im confused, as some of these symptoms have been on and off throughout the whole treatment also. I dont really care what they do with my dose, I just want to feel better!
Any advice appreciated.

The symptoms you quote can be attributed to hypo or hyper as they are usually connected with the thyroid - adrenal link. Your symptoms, as above, actually were worse for me when I was hypo than at a higher thyroid dosage. TSH is nearly always suppressed in patients taking exogenous thyroid and the T4 levels should be high normal as the blood results indicate higher readings than endogenous T4 blood levels - as was explained to me by an endo.

Hope this helps. Weight gain/loss I actually lose weight when I'm hypo as I have no appetite and my muscle tone/weight decreases too hence lighter on the scales. I ususally put lean body weight on when my thyroid is higher.

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