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I probably didn't make myself too clear, sorry for that.

I'm wondering mainly if anyone has ever had all the symptoms of Hypothyroid or Thyroiditis, but becaue their labs did not reflect a bad TSH level, they were not given medicine, however continued to get sick.

I was diagnosed with Multi Goiters. I was labled as having Thyroiditis. My Antibodies were I belive 109 which indicated some auto immunine stuff. My TSH level on on the low side of normal. However I had every symptom 10 fold of Hypothyroid to include

ALWAYS cold even in 80 degree weather!
Dry Hair
Coarse Hair
Hair falling out
Sore joints
inability to lose weight (Only 20lbs overweight) but unable to lose a single ounce regardless what I do. I work out and eat right everyday!
Always feel something is in my throat, hard to swallow at times.

and more. I was so sick, and stayed sick, and kept getting worse. I was in tears daily because of how bad I felt but the Endo Doc said he didn't want to mess with the goiters and he didn't want me on medication and he would just "follow my case" which was garbage. 2 years later I'm sick as a dog, with the same stuff only now they items listed above have become worse.

They ran all the tests and still nothing. I found one doctor that was willing to put my on Synthroid despite not having any labs that would substatiante it because he said the labs can vary, one day your levels can appear fine, but if they are drawn on a day when you are having a bad attack of it, it will show your TSH and other levels out of whack.

He is willing to start me on .75 of Synthroid but I'm fearful of it.

Has anyone ever been treated with Synthroid for symptoms only without lab evidence to back up Hypothyroidism?

PS: I saw the TOP Endo doc in our area, he's very well known throughout the place but he did nothing for me. The family practice doc is the one that wants me on Synthroid.

My test results showed the T-Free at 1.27 and the norm is between 0.10-0.85. FSH was 1.85 over the max of 1.80

Thyroxine (T4) Free, direct S T4, Free (Direct) is how thats listed was 1.33
Triiodthyronine free was 3.5 Range on that 2.3-4.0

TSH was 1.87 ON THAT DAY but he said that could mean nothing that if I was not having an "episode" it would appear normal.

I was also checked out by GYN Doc- Everything is fine other than I occasional have ovarian cysts.

HELP!!! Do I take this Synthorid or what? I'm really nervous! I want to make sure this doc is doing the right thing putting me on this medication so I wondered if anyone was treated w/ Synthorid symtomatically (Spelling) rather than based on what the labs read.??

I'm really sick and need some help. This cannot go on and I've seen all the experts.


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