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I am curious why drs. don't remove the thyroid for folks with Hashi's. I had one globe removed and they offered to take the other one out and I declined.
I sure am sorry. I just didn't know enought about Thyroid problems at that time.

Seems like removing the globe would solve a lot of imbalance problems. K
That's what I've been wondering!! I have no idea. I guess they feel if they can make the TSH look good there isn't a problem least that's my endo's philosophy. If my TSH is in range it doesn't matter what symptoms I have in her opinion they are "definitely not thyroid related" :rolleyes: . She doesn't feel the antibodies themselves cause a problem unless the TSH is off. Obviously she does NOT have hashi's!

Did you have nodules?

I'm sorry you're having trouble still. I don't understand either why if the body is attacking the gland and it's going to die anyway why they didn't just remove the whole thing in your case. It doesn't make sense.

In my situation, I don't have nodules, I can understand why they don't feel it necessary to just open me up without justifiable cause but it's my personal feeling that quality of life is a justifiable cause.

Love and Prayers, Kelly
Hello irys! My goiter comes and goes. My thyroid was enlarged at my first endo visit but by the time I had the ultrasound it was no longer enlarged :rolleyes: . Therefore no matter how badly I feel if the endo's tests come back looking good she feels my thyroid is functioning well and my symptoms are not due to the Hashi's.

Of course I completely disagree since my thyroid does become noticeably enlarged periodically and causes difficulty swallowing and hoarseness. I also feel poorly at regular intervals.

I don't know of any dr that would remove a person's thyroid because they had Hashi's without a problematic, persistant goiter, nodules or cancer. As long as the tests come back fine most drs (as it seems to me anyway) will say your symptoms are not thyroid related.

Without my thyroid there would be no antibodies and without the antibodies I would feel better (and maybe I wouldn't habitually miscarry either). It sure seems to make sense to me.

Love and Prayers, Kelly

P.S. I'm so glad for your Mom!! It sounds like she'll be on the road to feeling better very soon!
Ya know, I happened to find a surgeon who thought was to take it out with hashi's. He had sooooo much experience in thyroid surgery and hashi's he knew that a person can really benefit from having it out. Of course, he said a person has to be experiencing alot of sickness and secondary illness from the hashi's ( like Kel, you describe) but he was all for it with hashi's. If you really want a dr to discuss it with you I can tell you I researched dr's in my area.................ALOT and even went so far as to get a copy of the prayer list at my church.............I called everyone on it who had ever had thryoid issues! I mean I spent an entire year and a bit of $$$$ researching dr's who knew about hashi's, not thyroid issues, but hashi's in particular! It was sooooo worth it. I am living proof that getting that awful, diseased glad out can turn your life around. I had many, many dr's tell me too that my horrible symptoms were NOT due to hashi's, but since they are gone now, wouldn't one think differently now????????? antibodies were all over the scale ( I had the anti-thyroglobulin) I was so sick with them even at 171 when they told me that wasn't that high when normal was less than 2!!!! Now, with no thyroid they are .8!!!! Yeah, tell me they didn't make me sick!

Irys..........keep us posted on your MOm!


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