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Hi Sandy,
Thanks for adding your lab's ranges to your tests, that helps a lot!

The propranolol is a beta blocker. It will protect your heart from the effects of excess thyroid hormone. It usually helps keep your pulse rate from skyrocketing and helps with blood pressure. However, the propranolol will do nothing to regulate your thyroid hormone levels....only anti-thyroid medications such as Tapazole, Methimazole, Carbimazole or PTU can do that.

Regarding your lab results...
T3 Uptake - mine is 44 (H) 22-35% range
T4, total - mine is 13.8 (H) 4.5 - 12.5 MCG/DL range
Free T4 index (T7) - mine is 6.1 - 1.4-3.8 range
TSH - mine is 0.01 (L) - it says MIU/L under range.

The tests you had done are older tests. They all show that you are hyperthyroid. (The TSH test is tricky as you would think that a low TSH would mean underactive, but it doesn' means your thyroid is overactive) There are newer, more accurate tests which are more telling as to where an individual stands thyroidwise. The tests that you should be having run are:

Free T4 (direct)
Free T3

As hyperkim mentioned, there are blood tests to check for the antibodies that cause Graves disease. The TSI or TRab can definitively diagnose whether Graves disease is the CAUSE of your hyperthyroidism.

I highly recommend that you keep on searching and reading all you can about hyperthyroidism and Graves disease (most likely cause of hyperthyroidism). A good starter book is "Thyroid for Dummies" by Dr. Alan Rubin. You can skip to the chapters on hyperthyroidism. It is simple to read and will give you a good basic understanding. I particularly like the section where he describes HIS preference for treating hyperthyroidism (which is with anti-thyroid medication)...I think that is on page 72 or 74...can't remember!

Keep reading and keep asking questions. An informed patient tends to fare much better with this disease.

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