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Hi -
I'm new to this board and am looking for some assurance and/or advice. I was diagnosed about 5 years ago with hypothyroidism. I am an otherwise healthy, fit 34 year old male. Contrary to what I've read symptoms can be, I'm actually on the lighter side (5'10", 165lbs) and have a reasonable amount of energy, although lately it's been waining. Here's the thing - when I was first tested my TSH level was 225 (not a misprint). After several retests to make sure it was not a mistake I was put on 200mcg and have fluctuated between 175mcg and 200mcg ever since. Recently I got lazy about taking my medication due to a new insurance plan that makes getting prescriptions a hassle. When I finally got around to dealing with it (after about 2 weeks of no meds) my doc looked at my chart and realized that they'd been prescribing me way too much levothyroxine - my last blood test apparently showed almost no TSH, yet I was still taking 200mcg for almost a year. He wanted to retest me and readjust my dosage. Well, my results came back this morning and my TSH is back up to 183 after only about 2.5 weeks of no medicine. Based on the events chronicled here and a few other things, I don't have total faith that my doctor knows exactly what's going on. So my concerns/questions are these: does anyone know if such excessively high TSH numbers could be indicitave of something other than hypothyroidism that I should be tested for? I did see an endocronologist 5 years ago, but should I see another to be sure? Most importantly, what could the effects of too much levothyroxine be and/or too much TSH (I seem to be penduluming between these 2 scenarios)? Most of what I read just says to get TSH levels back to within a normal range and that that's all you can do. I guess I'm just looking for some assurance that I'm a) not facing some imminent danger due to high TSH and/or too much medication, and b) that my abnormally high TSH levels, when they occur, are not indicative of some other, bigger issue.

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