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3/9/06--Hello I am new here I have been having posting on another board prior so have copied the posts I put there for you all to read. I hope someone here can give me some advice, I have read many of the posts here and you all seem to be very informed and's the info on me!

2/25/06 I have been expieriencing various health issues for the past year. They came and went for several months last year and seemingly have recurred in the past 2 months. I have been having abdomainl pain, pain in the lower back just above the buttoks, increased fatigue, very sensitive and dry skin, often itchy and flaky, muscle aches, hard to swallow, allergy problems, vision problems, etc. I also have endometriosis but had ablasion surgery for that in Nov 04 and have not had much poblem with that. I had a bad sinus infetion a month ago and the ENT sent me for thyroid sonogram as he and my reg Dr felt the right side of themy thorat looked emlarged. I got the results back last week. I have numerous nodular lesions on both the right and left sides of the thyroid. I was referred to an Endocrinlogist and am seeing him on Tuesday 2-28-06. In the meantime I had a battery of tests since last year CT's Mri's, colonoscopy, EDG , upper and lower GI all came back "normal" at those times. I was diagnosed with IBS. The last few weeks I have had extreme muscle aches, neck pain, I also have cystic breasts which are falring up. I have been tired and my abdominal area has been in pain. I was referred for a MRI of the lower back on Monday which I had done but no results yet, I also was referred to the following tests SEP, VEP ( i had those done yesterday0 EEG, BAEP, and an other MRI of the brainand c spine all being done tomorrow. The Dr is looking for something called Demylination? I personally think its all related to the thyroid. I am 103 pounds cant gain a pound if I try, my BP is always LOW like 80/60 !! I first thought maybe I had fibromyalgia until the thyroid sonogram came back, I am concerned about thyroid cancer and pray that it is not. The largest nodular lesiuon is 2.2 cm so that has me concerned. I also very aprehensive of all the upcoming thyrois tests and biopsies I may have to have done and worried. Are my health issues that of what a typical thryoid patient has? Can anyone help me feel "better" about all this? Is anyone in Pennsylvania ( Lehigh or Monroe counties) and know a good Endocrinologist? Thanks! Melissa

Update--I did find out that the pain in my lower back is from a herniated disc...great! One problem silved but an hour later my thraot started to hurt! If its not one thing its another. I also wanted to note that the last 3 years have been hell for me ona personal level. My father died 8/4/04 at age 56 from brain tumors, my mother committed suicide 3/2/05 fromthe loss of my father she too was 56. I have purchased a home, have 4 children a husband and a dog...and at 36 I feel like im 80 ! Its just so frustrating to feel so ill all the time and so stressful! Thank you again for listening and answering.

I forgot to mention that those are just "some" of the health issues. I am constantly sore, clearing my throat, tired, headaches, eye problems, allergies, my heart sometimes feels like its going to beat out of my chest, nervous feeling, shoulders very heavy and sore, legs very heavy and sore, my claves hurt at night and I always must have water at my bedside because sometimes I wake feeling likeim going to choke or very dry in my throat and mouth!

3/1/06 Ok I went to the endocrinologist yesterday. After looking at the sonogram of my thyroid, reading the synopsis and then practically choking me and making me swallow at the same time about 10 times here was his suggestion. He told me that I have 5 nodules 3 on the right lobe and 2 on the left the largest on the right is 2.2x1.6x1 cm and the largest on the left is 1.5 cm overall. He also said I have a goiter. Based on that and the fact that I have a family history of thyroid problems (none cancerous though) he suggested either I have the entire thyroid removed and biopsied when it is removed OR have the biopsy and if no cancerous cells are found go on treatments to TRY and shrink the nodules, and do another sonogram in 6 months to see if theres been any change either shrinking oir enlarging! I do have a problem swallowing and it does interefere with my daily activites to some point which is why he suggested just removing the entire thyroid right off the bat especially since they cant just remove the nodules themselves. I am going to schedule the biopsy in the interim and see another endo who works in the same area and hospital (but apparently has more experience) I see him next Tuesday. I will then make a decision...ay advice??? Anyone here who had surgery and can ease my moind or give me some help as I am VERY anxious about surgery.

3/2/06 --I did have an MRI of the neck done last Friday, wating for the results of that. I do think that would show more than a CT if there was anything more than they saw with the sonogram...wouldnt it? Geez Im thinking to just have the damn thing out and be done with all this worrying! Im so confused, and today is the anniversary of my mothers death (1 year) so Im dealing with that as well. I think im just going to put the 4 kiddies to bed, put the dog in her bed, put my husband in ..eeerr...uh...well he can find something to do Im sure ..LOL make a nice cup of hot cocoa, and slip into bed to relax...until later when I wake up at 2 am choking and reaching for the water next to my bed and remember about my darn thyroid again!!

3/9/06--I went to see a surgeon on Tuesday. The Dr is lovely. He will be doing a sonogram guided biopsy of the 2 largest nodules on Monday March 20th at 2:30 PM. His recommendation was do the biopsies see if it is anything to worry about, if not then treat with meds and continue to follow up with more testing afterwards. He really does not want to have to scar my pretty neck as he put it, at least not for another 10-20 years! But Im still unsure, I have heard that even if they arent cancerous now they may become cancerous later if left in?? That scares me. This week I have been having other problems that are really worrying me. Last Friday I began having some pain in my lower jaw, right near a tooth which needed a root canal finished. So Saturday I went to the dentist and sure enough there was some infection, but she said she could save the tooth (it was almost a goner) and she finished the root canal (with no novacane since it was already started a while ago). But then I had so much pain later on and my whole left side of my face began hurthing and my ear, and my tmj kicked in, and my sinises went crazy. This happened once before onthe right side after having dental work and I ended up with a bad sinus infection (go figure). SO I called me ENT and he cant see me until Monday the 13th, so he prescribed some CIPROFLOXIN to get rid of the sinus and tooth infection. WELL...I think im allergic to it, the pain forget it I was taking tyleonol and Ibuprofen alternating for 3 days...and my tounge began to feel numb. I started itching all over, feelin sick, waking in a SWEAT at night and feeling like I was choking and my heart was going to beat right out of my chest. I stopped taking the CIPRO on Tuesday night, that was my last dose. Last night I woke again in a sweat, tounge still felt numb like and tasted weird my thorat literally felt like it was in my mounh! . (this happened last time too ans sometimes It just happens when I dont have dental work done). So now im sitting here, on no antibiotic, and no pain killers because there is no pain, but my tounge still feels weird, my chin area fells tingly, my thraot still feels like my adams apple has moved 6 inches higher than it needs to be...and my nose area, just around my nostrils gets tingly. Im scared that if these nodules are cancerous that it has spread to my mouth or jaw and sinuses. I know Im being overly worried,,,but this happens intermintnelty and it does scare the hell out of me. I also have felt short of breath the last 2-3 days. My reg DR is off today, the ENT cant see me until Monday...and Im not in respitory distress so im not going to go to the ER and wait forever so they can give me some antibiotics and tell me to see my reg Dr in the morning!! Has anyone reading this ever had issues with the mouth related to thyroid??

Oh and 2 weeks ago I was my usual 103 lbs soaking wet (sorry been that way for years even after gaining 71 lbs w the first baby!) well last week at the DR i was 110 and this week at the DR I was 112. My BP also 2 weeks ago was its "normal" 80/60 (yep its always that way) but last week was 90/60 and this week 112/60....Hypothyroid??? I did have a t3 t4 and tsh done Tuesday but the results are not in yet.

Sorry theres so much to read, But I figured I would get it all out in one shot the first time out!! Thanks!


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