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Hi everyone, I'm new to the site and very happy that I found this board.

I'm 31, female. I've had a long battle trying to get some answers as to why I was having heart palpitations and lack of sleep. I got many tests done including heart ultrasounds, barium swallows etc. Doctors kept telling me it was anxiety, panic attacks, even reflux.

About 5 months ago, I started getting a feeling in the back of my throat like something was stuck, then I started having trouble swallowing. It comes and goes but at its worst, it really bothers me. As I was due for my regular blood tests, I mentioned my problem to my doctor. She said my neck looked a bit swollen and if I had my thyroid checked. I always had my thyroid levels checked and since they always came back normal (and no other doctor bothered to inform me you can have normal functioning thyroid but still have a problem), I never thought to investigate it further. Now that I look back at my old photos from years ago and I can see my thyroid must have been swollen longer that I've ever known.

Fast forward to a week ago: I had a normal ultrasound and then an uptake scan. We now know that my "thyroid is mildly to moderately enlarged with a slight decrease in the activity in the lateral aspect of the mid polar region of the right lobe. This appears to correspond with a 6mm hypoechoic nodule which, in view of its internal echoes, is not a symple cyst so biopsy is suggested for further assessment. No other cold nodule or increased activity seen in either lobe. Thyroid uptake measures 3.5% (Normal is 1-4)".

I will be booking in for my biopsy tomorrow. I must admit I'm very scared. Even though I read most of the nodules come back benign, the fact that mine is a single cold nodule is more likely to be malignant than a hot one really worries me. I'm trying to stay positive but it's hard to keep my mind from wandering. I keep getting horrible thoughts that it's bad news and it's been there so long unnoticed that it's spread etc etc. I'm assuming many of you sharing the same experience may have thought of at some stage or another.

My question for any of you who may have had a similar situation: If the biposy comes back benign, do they still recommend surgery to remove it? If surgery is recommended, seeing as the rest of my throid is functioning OK, would they only remove the nodule and monitor my thyroid over the years? or would they take out the affected lobe or the whole thyroid regardless of the results?

The nodule is fairly small in size but could it still be affecting hormone production and causing the thyroid gland to swell and contribute to my swallowing problem, as well as stiffness in my neck and shoulders and heart palpitations? So far, I only read about nodules growing to much bigger sizes and hence pressing on the windpipes to affect swallowing etc. Other than the symptoms mentioned, I've never had any other health issues.

Your advice and experiences would be greatly appreciated. I wish you all great health.

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