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I ran a pulse of over 100 for over 30 years and never once thought anything about it cause the docs never said anything more than "does your pulse always run this high?" As soon as I got diagnosed hyper, I became an obsessive pulse taker. Took a while to get over that. Now I only take it if I'm feeling it all thru my body and it's going too fast to count in my head.

Yeah, I'm going to comment. That's a bit high on the alcohol consumption. I know it can be fun but the long term effects really aren't worth it. Does some pretty nasty things to the liver and can really mess with your life in the long run. Nuff said.

I don't know a whole bunch about YAZ but if they were testing your free thyroid hormone levels, it shouldn't have an affect on the lab results. I was placed on bcp after my diagnosis of hyper. They made me feel weird and I didn't like it at all. I do believe it was more the other way around though and the hyper being there first was making me react weird to the bcp's. Who knows though? You may be right. I'd be interested to hear if you are.

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