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Re: Calcium
Nov 9, 2007
Okay.. check and check.

Calcium Carbonate is the main offender. Milk is safe. Calcium citrate and calcium acetate have a higher rate of absorption and thus pass into the blood stream at higher concentrations and a quicker rate than Calcium carbonate. Recommended calcium supplementation is Calcium Citrate or Calcium acetate in conjunction with Vit D necessary in efficient absorption and processing of Calcium.

Here is a summarization of the interactions with Dietary Supplements including Calcium:

[/I][/B]Thyroid hormones have been reported to increase urinary loss of calcium. However, recent research suggests that, under most circumstances, taking thyroid hormones may not be associated with reduced bone density. Calcium supplementation for people taking long-term thyroid medication has not yet been proven to be either helpful or necessary. Also, consuming alcohol, large amounts of caffeine, a high fiber diet and tobacco smoking affect absorption of calcium. Calcium carbonate should not be taken in conjunction with thyroid hormones.
[I]In the FDAs findings:[/I]
Simultaneous ingestion of some calcium formulations with levothyroxine has been reported to reduce the effectiveness of levothyroxine. For example, 1,200 mg per day of calcium as calcium carbonate, taken along with levothyroxine, significantly reduced absorption of the thyroid hormone. Levothyroxine activity will not be blocked if it is taken in the morning and calcium carbonate is taken after lunch and dinner. Separating these medications by at least four hours is recommended.
[B]What does this translate to? If you are taking Calcium carbonate take it at night our four hours after your thyroid supplements because Calcium and Thyroid hormones interfere with each others absorption.[/B] :)

[/B]Iron deficiency has been reported to impair the bodys ability to make its own thyroid hormones, which could increase the need for thyroid medication. In a preliminary trial, iron supplementation given to iron-deficient women with low blood levels of thyroid hormones, partially normalized these levels. Diagnosing iron deficiency requires the help of a doctor. The bodys ability to make its own thyroid hormones is also reduced during low-calorie dieting. Iron supplementation (27 mg per day) was reported in a controlled study to help maintain normal thyroid hormone levels in obese patients despite a very low-calorie diet.
However, iron supplements may decrease absorption of thyroid hormone medications. Thus taking iron should not be done in conjunction with your thyroid hormones.. instead take it on an alternating schedule or four hours after taking your thyroid medication.
Ingestion of soy products simultaneously with thyroid hormones appears to reduce the absorption of the hormones. To be safe, people taking thyroid medication should not consume soy products within three hours of taking their medication. In addition, infants with congenital hypothyroidism given thyroid medication must not be given increased or reduced amounts of soy-based formula without consulting a pediatrician or pediatric endocrinologist.

[B]Interactions with Herbs
[/B]Bugleweed (Lycopus virginicus, Lycopus europaeus) and lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) may interfere with the action of thyroid hormones and should not be used during treatment with thyroid hormones. Check your herbal teas. These are commonly used in supplements and teas.

[B]Interactions with Foods and Other Compounds
[/B]Taking levothyroxine with food may decrease its absorption. Levothyroxine absorption is increased when taken on an empty stomach. High-fiber diets have been shown to decrease levothyroxine absorption. Thyroid hormones should be taken an hour before eating, at the same time very day.

Did I cover it all? I had MD appointments and wanted to cross check the information so hope you all are not mad at the delayed response.


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