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wow -- I always am learning on these boards. I have Hashis and no one has told me about the eye issues being related. My vision changes a LOT these days -- sometimes it feels like my contacts are too weak, other times too strong, but when I go in it's pretty much OK -- except, and this is a big except, my weaker eye has a stigmitism (sp?) that has gotten much much worse suddenly. My eye doc says he only sees this kind of sudden change with serious heart problems (I had all those tests before the hypothyroidism was discovered and all OK) or back injury (nope, luckily don't have that either). He's worried but doesn't have an answer. I wonder if it can be the Hashi's causing it. I thought it might be but my endo said no....
My endo said my heart issues couldn't be my thyroid and my headaches and vision problems couldn;t be either. Well she was WRONG. My cardio and neurologist and neuro-opthamologist proved her wrong. Hashi's can affect the heart.. especially if you are not optimally treated. I wasn't treated at all. I was having visual migraines, my stigmatism doubled in six months time, my HR went from 60 a minute to 110 a minute when sitting and standing only, I had heart palpatations when I tried to exercise... well it took me five MDs and a cardiologist and neurologist willing to back me up to get an MD to treat my secondary hypoT Hashi's. First day on the 50 mcg starting dose of LevoT and my HR dropped 20 points, my BP dropped 10 points in both levels.. I also haven't had a visual migraine since and this is the time I would have them and lose the ability to see for 2-3 days a pop... my eye glass prescription and stigmatism got better. I went right before starting meds.. got my new glasses.. I thought the script was wrong.. they retested my eyes and they script returned to the same need that I had two years back.. so my cardiologist and neuro-opthamologist/neurologist are certain Hashi's is the culprite. But that is me. I now wouldn't trust my Endo to diagnose more than a sinus infection.. much less treat it.

I went to my Dr on Friday here in the Uk.
He is giving me lots of blood tests on Monday, and hopefully one for antibodies also.
I went private to be diagnosed as having hypothyroid, but I can't get thyroxine through him sadly. SO i'm taking thyroid supplements to help.
Yesterday I spent the entire day on the sofa, no energy, feeling slightly warmer than I have done for some time, and then I had this awful headache like my brain was touching my scalp.
I did have a cold over Xmas so wondering if it has caused cellulitis or something (yes I am a worrier also).
I had my eyes tested but am having issues with those as I can't see out of them all that good, my one eye is lazy and course all this has now started in my good eye.
Did you eye, feel hot and dry and uncomfy. My vision seems to have gotten worse.
If it comes out that I have hashis' will the symptoms ever go away once I and IF I manage to get treatement here in the Uk
I believe treatment will stop any further progression of the disease. I have had allieviation of some of my symptoms already. I had to balance my B12, Fe, Mg.. this helped with migraine issues. Vision stigmatism has improved after just a week of treatment. You would have to ask an MD if treatment will give you relief. I hope that it will. I feel it working little by little.


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