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[B]Hey there,

I am SO sorry for asking yet another questions, but this is really concerning me. My thyroid is enlarged or diffused as the doctor put it, although they now feel no nodules. But my concern is on the left side, my jaw is sore and the place where you feel the mumps, (I dont know what that area is called) is sore and there is a little bump there that is sore and moves when I touch it. Also, that is the side of the neck where it feels tight. It almost feels like the skin is dry there because of the tightness. Does anyone understand what I am trying to describe?[/B]I am thinking if it moves, it might be a ligament of some sort but the tight throat makes me think I am going to smother. Please tell me what you think.

I do also have TMJ, so I dont know if it is that combined with the enarlged thyroid. Any comments would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks and God bless,


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