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Famnd-they did say that I had a 3cm mass in my lymph node that showed on the u/s. Five days later it did not show in the ct scan with dye. And two days later, when I showed up for the biopsy it wasn't done because the mass was gone and the doctor said of the 7 nodules nothing was prominent.But the u/s report said 7 nodules 2mm-8mm.The theory about the mass coming and then going was said to be hashimoto's reactive lymph node. I still do not know what this means.
So , to your question about lymph gland yes there seems to be something going on.
I am uneasy about all this. It doesn't make sense to me. And the doctor said ultrasound again in 6 months.
My neck feels tight and sore now. I seem to have a feeling like a cold coming on but I worry this is something related to the lymph gland issue that occurred about 2 wks. ago.

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