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When someone is on Armour (or Cytomel) the TSH usually gets supressed to a very low number. THIS VERY LOW TSH MUST BE IGNORED.

If you try to dose Armour by the TSH, you will NEVER be on a high enough dose to feel good/normal. That is just the WRONG way to dose Armour!

I think this is why many doctors and patients try Armour and then decide that it "just does not work".....they are doing it wrong & staying on too low a dose (because the TSH gets so low).

Look at your Free T's and shoot for them being in the OPTIMAL range. They are actual thyroid hormones. FREE is the measure of something that is NOT bound to proteins in the blood and free to enter the cells. (Thats why total T3 & T3 uptake are not the same as Free T3).

TSH is a pitutary hormone. The T3 in Armour tends to make the pitutary gland "think" that your thyroid levels are too high all day long... (because the T3 will peak for a short while after taking Armour, but it does NOT stay high). The pitutary gland can't differentiate that and 'thinks' you have too much thyroid hormone in your blood & therefore decreases the amount of TSH is sends out.

Optimal range for the Free T's is in the middle to UPPER part of the "normal range" , NOT the lower part (for most people).
Also, seems most people need about 3 grains of Armour a day (give or take a little). 60 mg = 1 grain.
Therefore you are on 1.5 grains. You need more Armour.Also, take it sublingually and split the dose and take it twice a day.

Also, one more thing you need to do (that is often done wrong)....on the day of lab test, have the blood drawn BEFORE you take your Armour that day (or your FREET3 will look very high).
In other words....have the blood drawn in the morning and THEN take your Armour.

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