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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="5"][COLOR="Purple"][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]Yes, yes and yes... it bites and I am going through it every day. I only wish that this could just go away. I try not to stress because it makes it worse. I can't help it for now but I am thinking in the right direction. Family support and love is everything to me. I also like my friends or associates from this site because we do need others that understand what we are going through and it helps to vent or just get it off our chest. As I am sitting here I am wiggling my feet because I also have RLS and that also has to do with thyroid disease that we will have for the rest of our life. I am always trying to read up on this condition and learn ways to cope with it. I am finding right now that I am feeling a little relief by taking my perscription of gabapention. It's a generic name for Nurotien. I know I spelled it wrong but ask your doctor about trying this medication to see if you can get some relief. He even may have something that works better. Also I am taking lathroxine too. It's to help some side effects of thyroid disease and it's a medication that we have to take for the rest of our life. I didn't think that it would help me, the goiter in my neck. It takes two to three months before you start to be able to feel like you can swollow some what better. I feel like there is a golf ball in my throat and when I am upset about something or stressed and I have been since our daughter almost died from falling off a three story roof. She had a drilled hole with a pressure relief hose to lesson the swelling in her head that has blood but thank God she is now out of the hospital. She was at Harbor View in Seattle trumma unit. They even drilled a hole in her right ear because of the mass himmatoma in her right ear. It was scary to see her fight for air and breathing even though she had a resporator to keep her breathing. Anyways, she is recovering and so on so I am less stressed now.

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