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Dear Readers,

I had my thyroid levels checked recently and they came back all high. I have never heard that they could all be high before, as it is completely contradictory. High TSH normally indicates hypo-thryoidism, where as when the other two are high it normally indicates hpyer-thyroidism.

I was diagnosed 8 years ago with hypo-thyroidism, and I have been taking synthroid since to control it. Over the years it has been raised a few times based on regular blood tests, and symptoms. My thyroid function had gotten so low at one point I had to take a semester off of college to get my levels back to normal. That was two years ago.

This blood work has me boggled. My doctor decided to reduce my synthroid and is wondering whether I should have been put on synthroid to begin with. I've gone to several different doctors because of moving. I am worried about this doctors diagnosis, as I feel physically like my thyroid is low, but I also have a few hyper symptoms. I know that if he reduces my thyroid meds I'm going to start getting more spacey and tired.

Has anyone else had this problem? And do you know what to do for it?
Ok I have a benign tumor on my thyroid. Its been here for at least 6 years. Its not coming out because the surgeon says I won;t have a thyroid left. I had 75% of gland taken out 15 yrs. ago due to another benign tumor. The thing is, I was born with a totally inactive thyroid, Good thing we found a dr. when we did, or I would have either ended up with dwarfism features, or died. (born in 1946 and that wasn;t a big year for thyroid diagnoisis) So now, my dr. continues to lower my dosage of synthyroid. I have gone from .125 down to .50 in a matter of 6 yrs. or more. Also my body does not respond to diets, exercise, etc. the weight goes up and levels off for maybe a year or so, and then goes down for a period of maybe 4-5 yrs. This is sickening. No matter what I do, it goes up. (the upside is no matter what I don;t do, it stays low when its low) Any ideas.???

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