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Hashimoto's known and documented triggers are:

1) Hormonal stress (pregnancy, puberty, menopause)
2) Mononucleosis
3) Certian drugs and chemicals
4) Radiation

Now Hashimoto's often awakens before we begin to show the active symptoms you are showing. In many cases MDs look back 2-5 years prior to the detection of the antibodies. Stress unless it is an actual trauma/injury to the thyroid is not considered an active trigger to Hashimoto's.. or Graves.

You have Hashimoto's and unlike Graves it NEVER goes into remission. It does however steadily and systematically destroy your thyroid. This can take YEARS to achieve. It took mine about six total. Now what can you do? Right now you are describing hashitoxicosis symptoms. You can lower your iodine intake which should help with the rashes and itching. Basically just cut out iodized salt for a little bit. Also go to a dermatologist and look into topical treatment of the skin issues until your thyroid is dead enough to start supplementation. As soon as you drop into 30-40% of normal range you should be able to tolerate 25-50mcg of T4. This will help check antibody production, slowing down Hashimoto's progression, AND help reduce your hypoT symptoms.

In the mean time you need to test your Ft3, Ft4, TSH levels every 3 months max. I tested every 8 weeks until my FTs hit the out house. My TSH NEVER exceeded 2.077. Just not in my genetic make up, I got treatment due to my symptoms, antibody levels over 2000, Fts being below 10% of normal range, and thyroid US showing minimal blood flow and a nodule. Heck my mom and Aunts get their thyroids out and do not have TSH levels above 3.. just the way my family is made. TSH is not a valid test of our thyroid health. So we have to fight to get the MDs to look only at our Ft levels. This as you will learn is a chore.

Now you should always get a copy of your lab work. Start keeping a daily symptom log, mine included noting the following at least once a day:
I always took my Blood pressure, body temperature, and heart rate twice a day(morning with in 10 minutes of waking and in the evening before bed). Consistently low body temperature is a recognized sign of hypothyroidism.[B][I]
Other symptoms I would note once daily for occurance and intensity:[/I][/B]
[B]Hyperthyroidism only symptoms experienced[/B]
Dyslexia (difficulty with reading, calculating, thinking)
Hypersensitivity to heat (heat intolerance)
Increased appetite
Increased frequency of stools (without diarrhea)
Increased sweating
Muscle weakness (arm triceps, leg quadriceps)
Palpitations (rapid, forceful or irregular heart beats)
Tachycardia (rapid heart beat)
Tremors (shaking hands)
[B]Hyper/Hypothyroidism symptoms experienced[/B]
Breathing Difficulties (shortness of breath)
Constipation Aides Used
Eye problems (gritty, dry, achy, blurry, irritated, red eyes; light sensitivity; double vision)
Facial puffiness (eyes, lids too)
Fatigue (all the time, despite sleep sufficiency)
Fertility problems
Hair problems (coarse, dry texture) (hypothyroid hair loss: head and outer edge of eyebrow )
Hearing disabilities (tinnitus, ear ringing among them)
Low resistance to infections
Menstrual changes (flow, duration)
Mental challenges (forgetfulness, brain fog)
Nail problems (dry, brittle)
PMS (premenstrual syndrome)
Sexual dysfunction (low drive)
Skin changes (dry, itchy, patchy)
Throat problems (swallowing difficulty)
Voice changes (hoarse, husky)
Weakness (overall, all the time)
Weight fluctuation (Gain hypo/loss hyper)
[B]Hypothyroidism – Underactive thyroid symptoms experienced
[/B]Allergies (developing or worsening)
Cold body temperature (feeling cold too)
Dizziness (often accompanied with vertigo)
Mood changes
Muscle and joint aches (severe, especially hands and feet)
Sleep apnea (lapses of breath while sleeping) and snoring

Now I am rarer than your average thyroid case. I have Hashimoto's and Graves disease. Both are active, but the Graves doesn't have as much influence on me now that Hashimoto's has done its job. Graves antibodies mainly just cause vision issues now. Having the symptom log and statements from my nutritionist about my caloric intake and eating habits, my physical trainer with my activity level and daily weight and cardio regime, husband's confirmation of my symptoms, Support from my cardiologist, neurologist, neuro-opthamologist, dermatologist, allergist, ENT, and OB about my symptoms being thyroid dependent helped get a MD to treat me. I got my mother and aunts to document their thyroid issues and with a geneology showing an 80% dominance of autoimmune thyroid disorders, and my antibodies and Ft levels I was able to get treatment. Now an Endo didn't treat me, I still do not have an Endo in my pocket that I would trust to treat my thyroid and adrenal issues. They focused on the TSH and told me not to come back til it was over 2.5 or 3 or 4.2.... what ever they considered the current TSH upper limit. I did find an integrative medicine - Internal Medicine MD specialist that knows and treats thyroid patients by symptoms and a complete investigation of thyroid hormone levels. It took many inquieries of my trusted MDs to find who they would go to if they had an issue. Only one practice and name was repeatedly recognized. We have three major hospitals in town and many Endos and MDs.. only one was pointed for thyroid treatment. I tried five Endos and three other IMs.. before/while waiting to get into my current IM. They all were a waste of time and money thyroid wise.

You can not expect to find the diamond in the rough with just one Endo visit. You have to search for the MD that treats symptoms and blood levels and is up on the latest thyroid testing methodologies and levels. Finding that RARE artist is a quest befitting Don Quixote. I know I felt like I was tilting at windmills a time or two.


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