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Hello all... I posted on here several years ago and now I'm having issues again. Let me explain my situation.

About three weeks ago I started getting some discomfort (I won't use the word pain) under my left collarbone right where it meets up in front of my neck. After several days, my whole left shoulder was sore and the source of that was that same spot under the end of my collarbone in front of my throat. I've also felt some tightness in that area but nothing severe. The pain in my shoulder subsided after a few days but I'm still having sore throats after all this time. The inflammation in my throat is worse during the day and seems to subside at night, but the throat pain gets a little worse at night, if that makes sense. I saw an ENT and he said there was no sign of any type of infection in my throat. Now starting last night during the night I felt real sick with nausea, etc. It seems to have passed this morning. And lastly, I'm always fatigued. I feel very tired and have no energy.

Anyway, I was just wanting to see if anyone on here thought that my thyroid is a possibility. I've had shortness of breath as well but haven't had much of that in a few weeks. And yes I do plan to see my doctor this week.


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