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I have Graves and Hashimotos. I also happen to have a cyst on my neck, just above my thyroid. My neck started to feel quite tight, like pressure or a smaller. Is this part of the thyroid experience?
Your thyroid can swell causing your neck and throat to feel tight. It's not a comfortable feeling. It can also cause trouble breathing.
Is the swelling normal and part of the destruction phase? Does anyone else feel like this? I remember feeling this earlier this year and then I am feeling it now. It feels like my airway is half the side, the throat andneck area is more tight and I feel it all the time, so it is a little overwhelming to have.

I am just curious about why this occurs or what is happening now that causes it? I have a few nodules, does this mean my nodules have grown? I don't know. I have an ultrasound mid November.
Are you currently on meds? Usually when the thyroid swells it is because your meds are not optimal, a med change can help. If you arn't on meds then you probably should be. And yes, the destruction process can cause many changes from day to day, month to month that will have you feeling like crud. No fun at all and many of us have a very difficult time getting meds adjusted so we feel well. It is a roller coaster.
No, I have been untreated since this began in Febuary 2009 for me. My endo keeps running tests/labs but no treatment yet. I will be addressing it next time I go in and I won't leave without Nature-throid.

(I have a confirmed autoimmune diseased thyroid, thyroid eye disease which presents itself as achy eyes, raging hyper symptoms but hypo labs.)

I have antibodies for both Hashimotos and Graves. I feel like I am being choked non-stop for that last couple of days and my usual achy eyes have turned into painful eyes because the aches have become more intense than normal.
Too bad that sometimes the only way to get treated is to fight for it.

I understand how you feel. I too have hashi's and have dealt with the achy eyes and the feeling like I'm being choked. Even with treatment if my levels are a bit off I will still feel that way but usually not as bad. It is frustrating.
With treatment your symptoms should improve as your body gets more of the hormone it needs.
Hang in there and do insist on treatment, your symptoms will only get worse without it.
Thank you!
I also have neck/throat swelling and tightness. I am on medication and my blood levels are good, as I just had them tested. However, I often have that feeling of tightness. I have learned that it will come and go. At first, I thought that it meant that my blood levels were changing and that I would need more medication. Now I think that something triggers it, but I don't know what. I will have it for a few days and then it will go away, only to come back a week or two later. I have no clue why...........
Montanan do you ever have trouble breathing when you have the tightness?
Dea, are you the one who sees Dr. Michael Chang? Just another Houston gal asking. With my last thyroiditis I most definitely had neck problems and difficulty breathing. I remember when it hit its peak I could not sleep and was trying to sleep upright on my sofa. I remember it being difficult to get the feeling of a full breath of air.
sparkle, yes I see him. and I have difficulty breathing now for about 5 months. Comes and goes, some days it is worse some better. I get the same feeling like I can't get a deep breath. I don't seem to have as much trouble at night, but if my pillow puts any pressure on my neck I can't seem to breath so I have to be sure I position it just right. It is quite frustrating. I know my FT3 levels are very low right now.

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