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Re: Low t3 help
Jan 27, 2010
There's are enzymes called deiodinases that converts T4 to T3 in the tissues. Recent studies show that not everyone has sufficient amounts of this enzyme due to genetic factors so that's one reason you can have low T3 levels. Our thyroids produce both T4 and T3 but if your thyroid is becoming hypo then it won't give you enough. This is also why some do not do well on T4-only replacement hormone.
Another reason is if you are converting your T4 to reverse T3 instead of T3. This is usually a result of adrenal fatigue and will show low T3 but normal T4 levels. A reverse T3 and free T3 test will show if you've got high levels of RT3
Either way you may need T3 replacement.
Re: Low t3 help
Mar 3, 2010
I just had some blood tests come back, and was wondering if someone can help interpret them. My doctor says that everything has come back normal. By the looks of things the results look normal, but i still dont feel well.The only test that hasn't come back is the RT3. Here are my other results -
TSH 1.8
free t4 17
free t3 4.4
I had these tests done at about 8.30am
Should i have had them done earlier? The last time i had my TSH done at about 8am it was 2.89. I have also been told i have insulin resistance.

I also have done a saliva tests for my stress hormones. Cortisol was slightly high in the morning and midmorning. My dhea levels were slighly high. I had these tested again using a blood and dhea came back normal, cortisol a little on the high end. My female hormones are also out of balance. Im not sure if its just a hormone problem or my thyroid.

Also is it a possibility that my insulin resistance is cause by high estrogen low progestrone?

I would like to hear any suggestions.

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