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[QUOTE=javelina;4230360]Hard to tell much from the labs unfortunately. How was your potassium? High or low in range? Sodium? Also was that a serum or RBC magnesium level (RBC is the only useful one) and was the T4 a total or free level?

I would ask for a free T3 and ferritin just for more info. And a free T4 if that was a total. And if you are experiencing any kind of chest/jaw/left arm pain or discomfort I would ask for an EKG and cardiac labs. Better to be safe than sorry.[/QUOTE]

My K was 4 or 4.1 (in range here is 3.5-5). NA was 137 or 139 (in range here is 135 to ? cant remember, don't have hard copy results in hand) How would I know if the magnesium was RBC mag or serum only? It was run as an add on to the CBC/CCP tests - don't remember the order saying anything specific other than Magnesium. As for T4, I am pretty sure it was a Free T4.

My previous free T3 (done on March 1st) was 4 (norm is 1.8-4.20) and Ferritin (also done on March 1st) was 37 (norm is 10-120) Would the ferritin really change much from March 1 to now?

My chest pain has not been anything textbook, although I realize every person, esp women present differently. Bounding pulse (normal rate) with a heaviness in my chest, accompanied by shortness of breath. I don't know if he will order those for me or not.....might have to present to the ER to get any kind of cardiac work up. ALSO, and I don't know how much is normal, but I have today had a horrible headache since getting up and been having ALOT of pressure in my neck, particularly in the area of my incision, and the sensation of my throat being full, both inside and out. Does that make sense? Is this normal? My incision line seems pretty swollen too, and I realize some swelling is normal, but how much is too much? I've taken my pain med, and have been using ice pack off and on trying to help the swelling or at least decrease that full sensation. Any ideas?

Thanks again!

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