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Hi again & thanks for your response!! I haven't spoken with my endo since my first (and only) visit to his office. His nurse called to give me my results and said everything looks normal & that if I'm still symptomatic in 6 mos to have blood work done again. She also said they are waiting for the reverse t3results to come back but that those numbers most likely wouldn't make much of a difference anyway.

I believe my doc does realize that some of my results came back low but wants to wait to see how things look once I'm off alcohol a few more months?? I kind of remember him saying something about how alcohol can sometimes affect thyroid hormone levels. I don't know - maybe I will call back and ask to speak with the doctor directly.

I did just receive my lab results (except for rt3) by mail a couple days ago. The nurse left some of the results out when we spoke by phone. A couple that caught my attention were:
My LDL cholesterol level is above normal range;
LH & FSH were low-normal; and
my C02 was below normal and chloride was high-normal.
I don't have the lab paperwork in front of me so I can't give you exact numbers/ranges but judging from what info I've provided, do you think any of these results could be causing my symptoms in addition to my low-normal t4 and cortisol levels??

Maybe I should start a separate thread asking for interpretation of all my results without all the in-between info. I'd probably get more feedback with all that extra information I originally started with. ;)

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