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A newbie just needing some insight.

Have had odd symptoms of ringing ears, light headed, racing heart (not all the time just at odd moments), very forgetful, blurry eye sight and heat problems for a while.

About 15 days ago started with a very sore throat, slight earache, a pain under my jaw near my ear and swollen glands on the left side (thought I was coming down with flu). No development of any cold etc so went to the doctor last Friday as feeling really 'off' and had noticed a small lump that had gotten a bit bigger on my lower left side of neck. She did her examination and then said that there was a lump on my thyroid so has referred me to some specialists (should receive a letter in the next two weeks with an appointment date). She sent me for loads of bloods and ECG and another check of my blood pressure as is elevated and normally have low blood pressure.

Am getting really painful neck and shoulders whilst at work which does ease off once a bit relaxed and in bed (probably tension as am in a busy 'physical' job and finding it hard as not feeling well).

Oh yes, forgot to say that am finding it hard to talk and my voice is going a bit 'rough' or 'throaty' (like when one has a chest infection). Still have a sore throat and ears (these symptoms where really bad until about 4.00pm today and then eased a bit.

Has anyone experienced any of this as feel like a hypochondriac and really trying to push through at work (do not have a very understanding boss) and cannot explain to anyone as not diagnosed with anything.

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