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Hi all - I'm new here. I'm a 35 yo female, relatively no health problems/history. A little overweight, eat the wrong things here and there, but overall healthy eater/lifestyle. My problems started a few months back w/ severe pain in my cervical vertebrae radiating out to my shoulders and down my back. I started w/ PT and that only aggrevated my pain. The pain went away for about a month then came back. I decided to try PT again and once again it made it worse. They decided to refer me to a sports medicine doctor. She referred me for an x-ray and found no real skeletal issues, just a small curve in one of my cervical vertebrae - she said a MRI would be necessary to determine any soft tissue issues. I put off the MRI due to the high cost and she prescribed Rx strength Alleve along w/ directing me to do light stretching. At this time I started experiencing tightening in my neck - I feel it up directly under my jaw and it feels like something is squeezing my windpipe and esophogus right at the place my jaw meets my neck. It's worse on the left side and it radiates out to my left ear. My throat just feels tight and it's constant - like a lump in my throat sensation. My doctor prescribed Prilosec thinking it could be reflux issues (which I stopped taking after I got the ultrasound results), she referred me for an ultrasound of my thyroid and did a thyroid blood test including a thyroid antibodies test. My thyroid levels are a little elevated, but still in the normal range. However, my antibodies are at 200+ and should be under 25. My ultrasound showed several tiny cysts on my thyroid. So, they referred me to endo. I left there today frustrated. He did say that I most likely have the early stages of Hashimoto's, but it's a waiting game until my thyroid actually fails. He prescribed Advil 600 mg 2x/day. I'm to follow up w/ my PCP in 3 months to re-do the thyroid blood work. In the meantime, he had no explanation for the tightness in my upper neck or neck pain. I'm waiting to hear from my PCP and think I'm going to pursue the MRI. The throat tightness feels like it's right where you swallow, if that makes sense. I also feel like my sinuses are a little out of whack. Has anyone experienced anything similar? I'm wondering if the neck pain and throat tightness are related to the Hashimoto's? I'm not getting any answers - everyone is so vague. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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