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Diagnosed many years ago with Hashimoto's. Told there was no need to do anything, just watch it!After a few years, another Dr. put me on Armour Thyroid for a couple of years. Dose was too high, had severe heart palpitations. Stopped the meds for several months 2 years ago. New doctor tested thyroid. Diagnosed as hypothyroid.He stated I only needed T3 at that time. Started taking Cytomel, slowly, found I could not take the generic version, did much better on the King brand name cytomel. Gradually increased dose to 25 mg two times per day. I split the 25 in one half, thus taking it 4 times per day.
Recent blood work indicated low T4 to the Dr. Dr. has me taking 60 mg Armour two times per day. This is the blood work he based his decision on:

Sept Results / Reference

TSH 0.156 lo / 0.270-4.200

Thyroxine (T4) 1.1 lo / 4.5 - 12.0

T3, Total 111 / 80 - 100

Last May results:
TSH <0.005
Thyroxine (T4) 16.4 hi
T3, Total 337 hi

Reverse T3 625 hi / 625 hi

He is one of the Dr.'s who believes in the T3/RT3 ratio, which for me he says is: 337/62.5 = 5.3; and he says the goal is to reach 10. From what I have read on these boards some feel this ratio is not important.
Ferritin levels were 26 .... reference is 10 - 291. (Is this ok?)
Cortisol level Random = 4.1 .... reference is 2.5 - 25.0.
The reason for my most recent visit is I am having more symptoms of hypo than I have ever had in my life. Losing my hair, very depressed, lethargic, confused, bad memory, feet hurt badly, unable to lose weight at all, finger nails will not grow.
Since I have learned here the free T numbers are most important I am looking to test one more time. How do I teach the Dr. these numbers are important?
My questions:
1)Should I wait to test for the free T's after being on Armour for a few weeks? Also, Dr. says to take thyroid med the day of blood work? My last Dr said not to take it the day of blood work. (My last Free Tís 2 years ago were well below the midway point suggest here.)
2) Do people normally take both Cytomel and Armour at the same time? Is Armour ok to take to increase the T4? (I had tried Synthroid at one time and I am unable to take it; so he suggested the Armour.)
3) Has Armour changed for the better for anyone? (since the reformulation)
4) How long should I give the Armour to alleviate some of my symptoms?
5) If Armour does not work for me, what else can I take?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Looking to learn as much as I can regarding this subject. It seems people here know more than most doctors! thank you for being here!

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