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Large Thyroid Cyst?
Jan 26, 2013
About two weeks ago I started getting a pain in my neck and noticed a lump on my neck. After is didn't resolve in a couple of days, I went to the accute care clinic. Who kind of freaked out a bit and sent my for blood work and a CT scan.

Result was blood work was normative and the CT scan showed a 5cm something on my my thyroid. That was followed up with a US FNA. Pathologist said it looks like a large fluid filled cyst that recently bled out, hence the sudden appearance of symptoms. She didn't think she got anything useful, and her report came back as much. I think she partially drained it a bit.

Had another set of labs done

TSH 1.02 Range 0.40 - 4.00
T3, Total 105 Range 79 - 149
Free T4 12 Range 9 - 24

Talked to an Endo, she didn't say much. She looked at it on an US, and I saw it, looks almost entirely filled with fluid. She said it was one of the bigger ones she's seen at 5-6cm. She tried draining it, but it wasn't cooperating. She said what she got was watery blood.

Other info, CT scan says it's displaced my trachea and jugular vein. I can feel it when I swallow, and my voice sounds a bit hoarse. Hurt like hell after the FNA for a few days, but now doesn't hurt.

Also, I'm on meds for low testosterone for the last ten years. This summer it felt like my old symptoms were coming back. Blood work up this fall, showed nothing though. Now after the first FNA I've felt suddenly better. (Maybe related?)

I have orders to do another FNA and drain next week.

I think have just a big cyst, likely not cancer. I'm thinking the endo wants a repeat FNA and see what happens after it's been drained. I'm wondering if anyone has an impression what the ultimate outcome is for this?

I'm assuming maybe since it's almost all fluid, the endo hopes that if drained it'll shrink and stay way and she can just watch it. If it doesn't I assume thyroid surgery since it's pressing on things. Also wondering if it was making me slightly hypo as it was growing.

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