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Hi Shelley,
It really does sound thyroid related and not PCOS.
You can have high testosterone with adrenal fatigue and all of your other symptoms sound thyroid/adrenal.
Your low cortisol in the morning and high in the afternoon shows the adrenals are under stress, if you take your body temp does it fluctuate or remain consistently low? These are also signs of adrenal issues.
Cortisol, DHEA and adrenaline, all related to adrenals can all affect estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels.
In my own experinence Endo's have failed me. I eventually found a doc. Who has a fab reputation for treating thyroid. I was weaned off thyroxine, put on Natural desiccated and also DHEA, I have low cortisol but do not want to take that just yet so trying to heal the adrenals naturally.
your dose is what .25? Or .50? The first is pretty much a nothing dose and the next is purely a starter dose and more often than not needs an increase due to continued symptoms which you have had for quite some time, which can put the body under further stress.
Google or find out where a good naturopath ND, is and make sure they prescribe NDT as it has a combi of T4 and T3 which a lot of people seem to do better on these days.

The most important thing you can do right now is find the right doc. So do your research!
Getting iron, vit d3, ferritin, frees etc would be a great start for you and perhaps looking up how to heal the adrenals naturally could give you somewhere to start? Staying away from stimulants like coffee, alcohol etc, getting lots of sleep being in bed by 10 good vitimins, and so on.
I hope you find a professional who can help you and you get some relief soon.

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