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Hi all,

Back in November I posted on here about having a partial thyroidectomy and how worried I was by the speed with which I was booked in for surgery - I hadn't had an FNA, only an ultrasound. I thought it would be useful to give anyone who happens to be interested an update :)

The op went great - I was under for 4.5 hours rather than the 2.5 they said (my husband was a little worried to say the least!). This was due to my blood calcium levels falling drastically apparently. I knew nothing about it so was fine with me ;)

I planned on only taking one week off work but towards the end of the first week, started to get a temp and noticed increased swelling in my neck - my GP confirmed I had a post-op infection and gave me a week's antibiotics and signed me off for a further 2 weeks, but I went back after 2 weeks in total, if that makes sense.

My voice took a bit of a beating, I croaked for about a week and still can't sing high notes or shout very well - the kids are delighted :)

But other than that recovery has been just fine - the scarring is starting to pull and drag a bit but I understand that's all part of the process so am doing my neck exercises and rubbing in bio oil in the hope it won't be too bad in the long run.

The biopsy revealed I had a tumour (so they were right in getting it out asap) but it was benign (an adenoma) and I can't tell you how relieved I was to hear that, a few days after my birthday! It hung over my husband and me all of Christmas (I had to wait 7 whole weeks for that result) and was like a little present all by itself :)

A couple of weeks ago I went back to see my GP as couldn't seem to shift the exhaustion day in day out. At first I thought it was just January being Janury, but though I'd better get checked out.

Bloods revealed that even though there's a 50/50 chance of the other side of your thyroid upping itself to counteract the missing half, I was in the 50% that it wasn't working for. My TSH was 11 and my Free T4 was 9. So nine days ago I was started on Eltroxin at 50mg for 6 weeks - having another blood test then to see if the dose needs amending. I'm not sure I feel quite right as yet, but do feel a little bit zippier, with the hope it'll improve greatly in the future.

So there you are, a positive story to hopefully help those who are stuggling with the news of an impending throidectomy :)

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