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Well first off. Women for some reason have much more problems with their thyroid than men. But I don't think there is any difference in how between women and men in how the thyroid works or doesn't work.

Looks to me like your lab results are classic hyperthyroid. TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is basically zero, and your thyroid hormones are in the upper range. Plus symptom's of hyperthyroid, because T4/T3 are too high. TSH produces no symptoms by itself, the only receptors for it are in the thyroid. Consider yourself lucky your doctor nailed it first try.

My assumption is you would next have antibody tests for autoimmune disease. Maybe your doctor has already done those? If not he should.

I think from what I've read it seems thyroiditis is any inflammation of the thyroid that has an unknown cause and goes away by itself. Going away happens over a time frame of months unfortunately. Graves is an chronic autoimmune disease. I can't give you advice except that maybe you should consult with with endocrinologist. If it were me, I'd get the antibody tests done, then see the endocrinologist. Because otherwise he'll order them and ask you to see him in a few months.

And to be a bit patient, thyroid disease is really annoying, but doing a full workup to be sure what's actually going on takes a while. You wouldn't want to have acute thyroiditis which goes away on it's own, and have the doctor say, administer radioactive iodine and leave you with under-active thyroid. So getting this right is very important.

If you realized that you took a multivitamin with iodine the day of the test, then you should call the lab and ask them about it. And mention that to your doctor.

PS: Ask you female relatives about thyroid issues. They almost certainly know someone with exactly your problem. Also thyroid diseases can make you really unhappy, but they are treatable but aren't going to kill anyone who is otherwise healthy.

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