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Last week it was confirmed I have a enlarged thyroid plus 2 1cm on each lobe. This all started about 4 weeks ago as a "sore" spot on my neck, the sore spot grew into a hard lump on the right side of my entire right side of my thyroid was uncomfortable and this is happening on my left side, instead of uncomfortable it's become downright painful, swallowing is painful, my throat feels sore, I have to constantly take aspirin every 4-6 hrs because it's pretty unbearable (and that's something I wouldn't normally do, I can usually tough it out) if I don't take aspirin the swelling is pretty bad. I go through spells of being REALLY tired, I wake up every night wet because of nightsweats. Does anyone know what this might be? My dr Said the ultrasound didn't show anything too alarming but he wants me to have an fna.... My dr is in the process of referring me to an endo....but the waiting is killing me, I'm getting a little parinoid it could be cancer.

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