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... with you on the China thing. My husband and I talked about that and wondering if the formulation of my old medicine had changed and that is why I had problems. Who knows what is going on? ... (151 replies)
... Your search might be made a bit easier if you check the physician finder at Armour Thyroid. Even if Armour is not the right med for you, the MDs who prescribe it are often more knowledgable about those "shades of gray". We thyroidies often have to kiss a lot of frogs to find our thyroid princes. ... (7 replies)
I feel awful
Dec 15, 2006
... Oleander - thanks for the great suggestion re: calling Forrest! I just talked to a nurse there and she all but admitted that the ratio may be too much for me (she does work for the company, I don't blame her ;) ). She also said she is surprised at the number of doctors who won't prescribe Armour, considering it's been around for 50+ years! I'm also calling my doctor... (15 replies)

... I just returned home from seeing the new endo, supposedly one of the "Top Doctors in NY". HA! I couldn't be more depressed after hearing what this guy had to say. ... (28 replies)
... You should take that Armour and run with it... Most of those here who can only get their doctors to prescribe Synthroid or other synthetic brands of T4 would kill to get their hands on some Armour. ... (8 replies)
... hysician. He actually asked me if I had a preference as to what I wanted to take for thyroid. I chose Armour, of course. He said he had a lot of thyroid patients who came to him because they couldn't get their MD to prescribe Armour. ... (8 replies)
... Its fine for some, but for others who still feel bad, the addition of Cytomel helps. ... (30 replies)
Armour & Hashimoto
Dec 24, 2002
... Ahhh... Well the reason some don't prescribe in the case of Hashimoto's is that there are a few doctors who believe that Armour would aggravate the antibodies and cause a reaction. ... (8 replies)
... They're the Doctors with D.O. after their name. Don't confused them with BONE Doctors! ... (8 replies)
... He says that it's not necessary. That all they need to know is the results of the TSH. I know better from reading books on the subject, but some doctors are so ignorant! ... (28 replies)
... Hi Midwest 1....were you ever diagnosed with Hashimtos??? I just had those tests taken for antibodies, I think they were thyroglobulin zand also something called TPO?? numbers came back normal..all the other thyr. tests such as TSN and all that junk came back within normal ranges as well..I wonder as to whether sometimes docs wish to just get $$$$ out of us for tests and... (8 replies)
... Oh gosh darn... why do those fool doctors do this to us? ... (8 replies)
Questions - Hypo
May 18, 2004
... but the truth is, it means nothing when it comes to thyroid hormone levels. If your values fall within the lab's "normal" range, doctors will tell you you're OK and should be feeling well. This is false. ... (2 replies)
... u are unlikely to get help from a endocrinologist because he will likely look at the tests the same way. Ask around all your friends to see if they know any docs who are good on thyroid stuff. ... (4 replies)
... ypo, 2 of my husband's aunts are, 5 neighbors, and our daughter's inlaws are all hypo. All of them are on synthroid. There doesn't seem to be a Dr. in all of PA who will prescribe anything else. ... (9 replies)
Help Me Understand
Feb 13, 2011
... People who no longer have a thyroid often develop conversion issues and it is VERY clear that this is the case for you..... ... (3 replies)
... instead of an MD, if you can. Or find an MD or DO who prescribes Armour Thyroid. They tend to treat more "outside the box" cases than doctors who only prescribe Synthroid. ... (8 replies)
... If you have a large internet social network, post a request for names of doctors people are happy with. Ask your local pharmacists for names of MDs who prescribe the Armour or Cytomel scripts they fill. ... (2 replies)
... Do whatever you have to to find a better doctor. Have you tried the method some women have had success with... Asking area pharmacists for names of doctors who write the Armour and Cytomel scripts they fill? ... (7 replies)
... for names of doctors who write the Armour and Cytomel scripts they fill. ... (22 replies)

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