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... d it was OK but it felt no better after I took 5 Tums. I also noticed I have a regular collar tee shirt on today and it actually presses on my throat in a way it feels like I am choking so I wore it all day to be sure. I just changed to a low collar shirt, which I hope improves. ... (45 replies)
... He has had random problems like a tight feeling in his throat, itchy feeling over the thyroid area, just not feeling well and can't explain what is bothering him. ... (2 replies)
Nodules and mass
Jul 27, 2012
... eel like I have a sore throat from the outside not on the inside. Over the past two days has been when I have noticed swelling other than the larger nodule. It feels like someone is grabbing me around my neck and holding on really tight, but hasn't yet started squeezing. ... (6 replies)

Mar 12, 2004
... and thus far it has showed no significant change. Lately I feel as though I am constantly wearing a turtleneck that is too tight. When I lay down on my back it feels even worse. I went for another ultrasound, and there has been no change. Bloodwork was done approximately a year ago and my numbers were still WNL. ... (7 replies)
Sore muscles
Apr 21, 2003
... I read your post and said that is me. The Achey muscles and the leg cramps. My feet will do the same thing. As for my hands they feel stiff. My wrists get a tight feeling in them. And I'm so tired!!!! Today lets throw in the tight neck with some shoulder pain. ... (12 replies)
... strips" covering everything. I also had two drains. It's more just kind of a tight feeling at the base of my neck like a collar is too tight. I get a little sore at night, but I've had no problem sleeping flat or on my sides. I'm hoping the fatigue will go away. ... (5 replies)
... this time for the TMJ showed that the muscles in my face were to tight causing the discs in my jaw to slip out of place when I opened my mouth. For this I began physical therapy and a treatment called Ozone therapy. ... (1 replies)
... I have been sick for the last 5+ weeks, ever since a nasty case of either food poisoning or the 24 hour stomach flu. A week after I was diagnosed with dehydration because of dizziness, palpitations, and a fever. I upped my fluid I take and got rid of those particular symptoms but for the past month now I've had serious symptoms if something (maybe related maybe not). I am... (0 replies)
... I was just recently diagnoses with Hashimoto's...high TPO, too many symptoms to name here now, but normal results for TSH and other hormones. I have had chronic neck and shoulder pain on my left side. ... (7 replies)
... I have blood test at least every 2nd month to check my thyroid levels which are always perfect and until recently I have just had a lump form at the front of my neck on the left hand side. It is not sore to touch but every so often it feels as though I have a scarf around my neck which is a bit too tight. ... (6 replies)
... That one I can see and feel. When I lie down my throat feels very tight and swallowing is uncomfortable. ... (10 replies)
... these symptoms were extreme 2 weeks ago but my breathing was extremely shallow and tight 2 days ago as well last night my heart rate was a constant 90 t0 110 by the i am rather fit so my resting heart rate is normally 60 to 70 . ... (2 replies)
... months since this all started. The Endo thinks I had thyroiditis but he found a nodule which turned out to be nothing thank God but for the past couple months my neck has felt funny on the opposite side of the nodule. It was really tight for a while and that went away but my tonsil is bigger on that side underneath. ... (2 replies)
... s once in a while for the past few weeks. I've been very run down. Not tired like I could take a nap, but more like a weakness. Headaches, ear pain, jaw pain, neck pain, almost like a migraine the way my whole head hurts. And I've felt very warm. ... (4 replies)
... nful than this. After two days I was no longer taking pain meds. The first couple days there was discomfort when swallowing, but nothing terrible. The back of my neck was bugging me more than anything, stiff and achy like I'd been studying a book all night long. ... (8 replies)
... I start getting this tight feeling in the back of my neck, high up near near my head. It feels like a stiff neck, but usually causes a headache that lasts into the night. I take my second dose of Cytomel but it doesn't help. ... (1 replies)
... the site of the actual scar, it feels quite hard esp when lifting chin upwards. ... (4 replies)
... some valerian that I bought at the health food store and should try that. I also bought a blood pressure monitor and check mine regularly and especially when it feels fast. Actually this original post which has gone on with many more posts had the subject of feeling heart beating when it was within normal limits. ... (337 replies)
... ingling is enough to drive me mad today!! And my shoes hurt, I had to give in and buy a bigger size sneaker, because my old ones were often too full of foot, too tight from the swelling...and my toe was bumping, maybe my feet grew from age, or weight...probably weight, my weight makes me cry. ... (10 replies)
... The burning seems to be in my neck and tonsils area a lot. Very tight feeling in the back of my mouth, can really feel it when I open my mouth wide. I think it is the area of the tonsils. ... (5 replies)

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