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... It might be due to the steroid injections because I, too, had a large substernal goiter and a TT approx 3 weeks ago and do not have any such symptoms as what you are going through. Have you called your doctor yet about what you are feeling? Carole (3 replies)
... I've had 5 FNBs in the last 3 years. The first two were probably the most difficult because they gave me no anesthetic. It's not that it it hurts. The needle insertion isn't really that bad...(altho it's a long needle so don't look at it if you're squeamish)...really no worse than having your blood drawn. Whats uncomfortable is the pressure in the throat/neck when they are... (6 replies)
Mar 29, 2006
... hello i have all these symptoms and i would like to know if they sound familiar with going tomorrow to do a thyroid test i cant wait im so sick of all of this.Well im 22 years old and my symptoms staerted excactly one year ago .Heres my symptoms::::: acid reflux stiff neck , and tension irritable sensitive to noise or sound dizzines all of the time fuzzy... (1 replies)

My Story
Jan 29, 2006
... I had constant pressure in my neck and throat...........feverish feeling.........feeling like I was getting the flue..............terrible joing and muscle heart...... ... (16 replies)
... Thanks Karen, for responding to my post so fast. i have been so worried, that I am constantly searching the computer for info. Question, is the treatment for cysts usually surgery? Lately I have been feeling slight pressure in my throat/neck area. It's not even a pain, it's more like a twinge, nothing too bad to send me to er or doc before appt next week. Is that normal? And... (3 replies)
Free T4 &TSH Test?
Jul 17, 2005
... C, problems sleeping, body pains and aches, muscle weakness, ringing in ears constantly, ear pressure with pain occ., sore throat and neck, jitters, chest tightness. ... (9 replies)
Need Advice
Jul 8, 2005
... I always get nervous posting on these boards, but thought that I would give it a try. I was telling my youth pastors wife at my church some things that have been going on and she told me that it sounded just like her Hypothyroid. My insurance kicks in on August 1st, but was wandering if I should just take the plunge now and it not be covered for 2 years. I have been having... (3 replies)
... p" in my chest since my 20's. Since the end of last year the bump started getting more prominent. This is around the time I started having a "something stuck" in throat feeling. I just passed it off, and tried to ignore it untill it started changing and I was feeling like someone was chocking me. ... (22 replies)
... now I just have the pressure and discomfort.... ... (30 replies)
... I would like him to have them in his neck and try to swallow! ... (22 replies)
... I started getting headaches, not painful ones, just lightheadedness with the occasional pressure in my forehead. ... (3 replies)
Size of thyroid
Oct 15, 2004
... and it causes like a pressure feeling in my neck. My ears pop alot too, I don't know if that is related but it didn't start until everything else started. I hope everyone has a good weekend! ... (9 replies)
... rabed my hand and held. it. Asked me how long I have been like this and I told him not too long. He told me Good! They were alarmed at my heart rate and blood pressure though and were even going to admit me both were so high. ... (7 replies)
Thyroid nodule
Jan 22, 2004
... Hi I just found out from MY FNAB that I have what seemed to be benigne nodgule but it is a Hurthle cell .. my best advice is to find out what was on your FNAB and what they saw after. You can go to your hospital and go to medical records and retrieve your FNAB report. (may have to pay 75cents a page at least i did) It was worth it .. I was able to look up Hurthle I was not... (3 replies)
Thyroid nodule
Jan 16, 2004
... I also feel pressure in my neck and sometimes have palpitations. I am scared..Help..! ... (3 replies)
... y sore lower back. They get so stiff while I'm walking that I do not go out anymore. then they get crampy. My Forearms started to get achey today. The back of my neck is stiff and sore too. I have had it where my whole body feels like it is under pressure and that when I'm walking its like slow motion. ... (7 replies)
... Your throat will feel funny for a few days. The day I had mine done I had soup for lunch and an omlet for dinner. The next day I ate like normal. ... (24 replies)
... I went to emergency this morning, as I could hardly move...not only was my neck killing me, my head, ears and body ached so much I could hardly walk. ... (4 replies)
Aug 8, 2003
... t I was on pain killers, and I could hardly talk. I slept the whole day. The next day, I ate some solid food. There was no choking feeling, but there is just ome pressure when I swallow. ... (13 replies)
... l based on my 4 week test on the new dose. Last time by the end of 8 weeks I had to reduce again. Today I feel kinda hyper but yet weak and shakey along with the neck aches and my throat kinda hurst. My eyes feel like there is alot of pressure behind them and they feel dry and sensitive to light. The vibrating is the pits. ... (8 replies)

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