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... ated to low hormones as you say, because I am always feeling extra hypo when the swelling is up. I was reading somewhere that low adreanals can cause unexplained neck pains. When its flaired up mine is more of a pressure and strangling feeling along with a burning sensation. ... (14 replies)
... o check in with my doctor. It would drain but yet it just kept on swelling up, it looked like I had a bicycle tire in my neck. It was VERY uncomfortable, and the pressure was unbearable at times. ... (3 replies)
Hypo Symtoms
Nov 12, 2003
... t out of the bed. I have some days that are ok and then the ones that are not. Noone knows why I get sick to the stomach with movement and the sensation of the pressure in my chest. I have had a EKG and my heart was fine. Does anyone have any ideas. ... (5 replies)

... Ok I have been syptomatic for three weeks and feel horrible! I had a total thyroidectomy in 94 due to papillary cancer. No follow up radiation,etc. 30 years old,healthy until just recently. I have been extremely dizzy,headache,pressure in my head, ears feel full,pain...ache in my neck,feeling like somethings in my throat,high blood pressure,chest pains,the list goes on and on.... (2 replies)
... My endocrinologist apt is the 7th. Thank goodness, it's feels like I'm strangling or can't breathe. It's not that much pressure on my throat but it's starting to get to me. ... (10 replies)
Hashi's and Nodule
Mar 11, 2015
... I shouldn't talk cause in worried with my nodules lol. And I have TONS!!!!! But urs is biopsied so you will have reassurance soon! Lucky girl! Lol I have a heavy pressure feeling in my throat too I hate it! And pain in my neck with lymphnodes. I just had a baby and my thyroid went crazy!!!! It went abit hyper then Hypo. ... (9 replies)
... throughout the pregnancy and even before that. Other symptoms have included fatigue, shortness of breath, mood swings, hair loss, acne, joint pain, and now sore throat and a weird pressure and pain in my neck. I also am showing signs of IBS or some other bowel issue that I am trying to figure out. ... (1 replies)
... I think the biggest irritation I have is the pressure in my throat. I thought it was my neck being out of alignment. I have been going to the chiropractor and he was telling me it was fine. So, now I know what I am feeling is my thyroid. ... (4 replies)
... s having hot flashes and instantly had tingling throughout my arms and legs and head then I felt like I was loosing conscienceness I thought I was dying my blood pressure shot up and it felt like my head was goin to explode but there was no pain at all just like the weirdest feeling of the most intense adrenaline or anxious. ... (5 replies)
... Palpitations that I can feel in chest, throat and head. ... (19 replies)
... So if you have asthma...make sure they will have your medication ready when you come out of surgery! I NEVER have attacks but apparently that tube down my throat caused me some trouble. ... (2 replies)
My Thyroidectomy
Jun 28, 2012
... I have to becuz mine is enlarged, with multi nodules, and 2 unsucessful biopsies. I also have pressure and pain in the neck when laying down or turning head side to side. when i swallow it sometimes feels as tho i have a marble stuck in my throat. ... (30 replies)
... and pressure in my ears. The surgeon said this could and could not be related to the enlarged thyroid and nodules. ... (6 replies)
... I will be honest, my throat is sore and it's difficult to swallow. My thyroid had literally grown into the muscles of my neck and adhered to them. The doc told me the procedure was much more difficult than he had expected. He had insisted on having 2 surgeons, also. ... (19 replies)
... I aslo take Omzerpole, which is a strong antacid as I have no gall baldder and blood pressure med's and beta blockers, all I believe now due to the thyroid. Will these effect the mechanism of the Thyroxine and how is is processed in your body? ... (7 replies)
... months ago, I started having these strange chest and back pains. They came and went indiscriminately, and they were accompanied by heart palpitations, high blood pressure and an elevated heart rate. ... (19 replies)
... For the past 7 weeks I've had symptoms of a tight pressure in the middle of my neck which has gradually gotten worse. I saw my former family doctor who said my thyroid felt normal to her and she sent me home telling me I had anxiety. ... (12 replies)
Please Help
Jul 25, 2011
... If your thyroid is enlarged it could cause a feeling of pressure on your neck and throat, as could excess weight. I'm overweight and sometimes when I lay on my back I feel a little bit smothered, mostly due to having a bigger bust. ... (2 replies)
... hello everybody, how do you know whether you are hypo or hyper? (other then the labtests?). Sure in the books the lists seem very different, yet in practice are they? like heartrate, in general hypo is slow heartrate but it can be fast too right? I'll give my current symptoms and if anybody can throw some light on it, more than welcome. - tired, exhausted -dizzy,... (21 replies)
... goiter in my neck. It takes two to three months before you start to be able to feel like you can swollow some what better. I feel like there is a golf ball in my throat and when I am upset about something or stressed and I have been since our daughter almost died from falling off a three story roof. ... (45 replies)

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