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... is also a condition... argh! I can't remember what the heck it's called ... it has to do with nerves and the autonomic nervous system. It causes people to flush after eating. Especially the head, if I remember correctly... ... (6 replies)
... In Nov. 08 I started having what I refer to as "hot flashes". After a few bites of food my face became very red, very hot and my pulse would race. ... (2 replies)
... malabsorption to almost everything literally..i try to make this sound very serious but in words i don't think anyone can understand..anyway nothing fills me up but brown rice pasta.. ... (9 replies)

... hat have made me pause and tell myself that this isn't in my head and that something is wrong. Three weeks ago, I didn't have the energy to do anything, and even after eating, I didn't even feel like sitting up. That day made me start to keep a journal of what I ate, how much I slept, and how I felt. ... (4 replies)
... I was started on Levothyroxine at 25mcg, increasing to 50mcg 2 weeks after and 75mcg a further 2 weeks after that for 3 months onwards. ... (10 replies)
... My advice to you is to get an immediate referral to an endocrinologist. The endo should request new bloodwork including TSH, FT4, FT3, TPO Ab, and TSI. The results of these tests may or may not indicate the need for a scan. (5 replies)
... and got down to 195 lbs. There was no explanation as to why I lost the weight. My eating habits did not change, nor did I increase exercise. ... (5 replies)
... Magnesium is amazing. A bath in Epsom salts will relax you and give you the magnesium you need. This is what I do and it works for me. Put some hot water in the tub, with at least half of a box of Epsom Salts. ... (28 replies)
... t until the symptoms got so bad and my stomach was so bloated I could not wear my clothes anymore and I knew there was no reason because my amounts of food I was eating was very little. I've always been underweight. I also was struggling with fibroids and had to have an ablation due to heavy periods. ... (51 replies)
... like breathing. It's getting wors after stress, physical activity and dramatically after eating. ... (1 replies)
... pm, I already consumed 577 calories, and after running errands for an hour... was starving 45 minutes after eating. ... (10 replies)
... Well, I was very shaky, couldn't sleep, and felt really hot quite often too. ... (9 replies)
I'm not crazy!!!
Apr 1, 2004
... Terrible fatigue after eating ANYTHING. I'm intollerable to be near. ... (12 replies)
... started with reactive hypoglycemia only when drinking 4 or more drinks in an hour. Then it gradually got worse until I could only have one drink withouty getting VERY ill. ... (8 replies)
... How does your progesterone look? With your thyroid meds ,Have you tried anything other than synthroid and armour? (6 replies)
... ok without meds the past when I went overdose, and it was that, but wheneve I increased my meds I felt more brain fogged......but before meds brain fog, after meds brain fog.... ... (6 replies)
... left. My hair has started falling out so that by noon my shirt will be covered with hair, I leave hair behind where ever I go. Although most my hair has become very dry, my roots have actually gotten greasier, so not sure if that's counter to being hypo, and my scalp always feels very itchy although no dandruff. ... (1 replies)
Nine Days In
Sep 23, 2005
... Something I've noticed is that I have a very "full" feeling after eating. It takes far less food to fill me up and after eating even a small amount I feel like I've eaten a large meal. ... (2 replies)
... results with me. my last results are at my dr's i think. will have to check. that's where the vitamin d was tested. i am on mega doses of d right now per my gp. after 4 weeks i switch to 1000mg a day. ... (5 replies)
... a Resenthall, read her book. Thus I need your expert help. My thyroid have been removed when I was 21. Since then I was put on 100mcg thyroxine. Have not been eating regularly, meaning some months went on without it, with no side effects. But now at 37, found I had diabetes, so ate it more regularly. ... (2 replies)

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